Book Review “Gravity”

“Gravity” by Shani Greene-Dowdell

I enjoyed this short read. Out pulled on my heart strings. Because it was a short read it moved fast. Which is okay for my limited time.

I would love to read this storyline as a full novel or series. The questions I have!!! LOL Overall, good job!

RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Book Review (Loving Montie)

Book Review

“Loving Montie” by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Hopefully you have read the first three “Breathless” books in the series.  If not, you should, you’re missing out.  Although this book is about Montie who is Destiny’s ex-husband, all the characters we love or love to hate is back in this one!!!  First let me say this, I’m soooo glad Montie found love!!!!!  While he wasn’t my favorite person, he wasn’t a bad person.  This book dug deep into Montie and showed you he really is.  Love really makes people go out their way.  For me, Montie went above and beyond to please Destiny.  While, personally, I think Destiny asked for WAY too much of Monte.

Shani took us back to “Secrets of a Kept Woman”.  Monte’s new love interest, Lissa, comes forward in this book.  We also get to see Shayla too.  Of course nothing is ever that simple.  Justine is in the picture too and continues to wreck havoc for all involved. I was glad Montie was able to push past her issues and the issues with Destiny and move on.  He didn’t get weak (at least not yet) and go back to Destiny and all her issues.

Overall this book was an excellent read.  A great continuation of the “Breathless” series.  For me it was a fast read.  Characters were real and showed great emotions.  Shani continues to get better.  Great job Shani!!

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire” (Review)

breathless 2

The sequel to the first “Breathless” left me just as breathless!!! I don’t want to be a spoiler, so bear with me. This book took you on a trip that evaluated feelings and emotions of Jacob and Destiny as Destiny is healing from her attack. I loved the Alpha personality of Jacob that the author bought into this story more. Jacob showed his alpha personality. It was a sexy roller coaster ride that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout the entire book. A fun and fast read for those that may not have as much time on their hands as well. Awesome job.

“Breathless: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire” (review)


One word comes to mind when I want to describe this book.  ‘O-M-G’.  Okay three words.  This book started off with a bang and ended with a bang.  I won’t be spoiler.  Shani took you an erotic and romantic roller coaster ride.  Destiny is a young divorced woman who falls in love with billionaire Jacob.  They have their ups and downs while they discover their new relationship.  She ended the book, but not the story.  I love the way she developed the characters and made you love them or hate them.  You will something for each of the characters in the book.  This book was so explosive I read it in one day.  Perfect title for the book “Breathless” because she leaves the readers “Breathless” by the end of the book.  Great read!  Awesome work.
5 Stars!!!!!!


“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” Review

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

by Shani Greene-Dowdell, Carla Pennington, and Theresa Hodge

This anthology made up of 3 stories was just that Wonderful.  The book started with Carla’s story titled “All I Want For Christmas” The story was about Melissa and Dorian and how they were able to make Christmas magical.  I like how she gave Melissa a real life decision to make when dealing with the ex and the new guy.  She told a story that had you rooting for the Dorian.  That was romance to the fullest extent possible.

Shani followed up with her story “Make A Soulful Noise”.  The story was adapted from the stage play she wrote last holiday season with the same title.  I was not disappointed either by reading the story of Mariya and Donnie.  Mariya’s teenage heart was just touching.  It started off on Christmas Eve and ended on Christmas day 10 years later with the mother/wife, Rain returns to the picture.  Donnie allows you to explore his rollar coaster emotions with his ex-wife, Rain, and new woman and how to move on.  If you haven’t seen the stage play, you should!

Theresa rounded out the anthology with her story called “A Jenny’s Christmas”.    She tells a tale of Jenny and her long time friend Braxton.  Jenny’s last name “Christmas” alone lets you know it’s going to be a romantic story.  As their romance developed you were given the chance to see just how much childhood friends could become a lasting couple.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories that centered around Christmas and finding love during “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”.  A great read, not just during the holidays, but year round.  Go ahead and download your copy today.

8 Favorite Writers


(Not in any specific order)

1. Shani Greene-Dowdell — She’s a local author that is always striving to do even better.  Her books have drama and a taste of erotica that’s not overwhelming in either department.  She also masters using local areas in her book to help readers really get the full picture.

2. Eric Jermone Dickey — He grabs your attention from the start and keeps it through the book.  When he does action, oh boy, it is action packed.  When he ventures into erotica, can we STEAMY, cross your legs steamy!!!  He just keeps getting better and better too.

3. Carl Weber — If you like drama, then he’s your author.  He takes events from real life and turn it into books.  That I can see because the drama be so real.  You either love or hate the characters in his stories.

4. James Patterson — I love the action pace of his books.  His chapters aren’t extensively long either.  Makes for a fast and exciting read.  Once you start a series you won’t want to stop until it’s finished.

5. Beverly Jenkins — Her historical romance be on point.  I’m not a true history buff, but I do enjoy some history.  She ties in history and romance very well.

6. Linda Howard — I’ve drifted away from romance, but her books were what got me back into reading after my big gap after high school.  She has a well rounded blend of romance and erotica.  Her older work has some awesome historical romance as well.

7. Marissa Monteilh — I just love her books.  It doesn’t matter if it’s her drama books or her erotic books under the name Pynk.  She keeps you on your toes.  She’s another author that uses a lot of local places too to keep readers grounded.

8. Brenda Jackson — She is an awesome romance writer. When I need romance books to read, then she’s one of the ones I look into getting.

What are some of your favorite authors and why?