Movie Review

Movie Review

“Equalizer 2”

Warning: May contain some spoilers.

I finally got the chance to watch “Equalizer 2” on Vudu. I must say I wasn’t that impressed with this one. I had to watch it twice. I thought at first I was just expecting what I saw in the first one. I had to clear my thoughts of the first one, minus the important details that carried over. And watching it a second time, I didn’t change my stance on how I felt about the movie.

The movie started very slow. I understand it had to have some back information, however, it was very slow starting, too much talking for almost the entire first hour. I found some parts of that hour entertaining. You do see the McCall charm as he deals with various people in his everyday life. I do like how they play through his emotions from the time he finds out about his friend until the end.

There wasn’t much action in this one. It seems as if all the action scenes were what we saw in the trailers for the movie. I’d say the climax of the movie hit in the second half.

There wasn’t clarity in the locations. One second you’re in the city. Next someone is asking for the airport, but they don’t show up in Brussels until a few scenes later, after they did something in the city.

I believe they could have made the movie a bit better than they did as far as consistency. The acting itself was good all the around. The story line was decent.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


Business Review (Red Roof Inn)

Red Roof Inn

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Last weekend, (Nov. 3rd) we got to our hotel in Mt. Pleasant, SC. This is right outside of Charleston. For this hotel to be this close (10 miles) from the cruise port and other tourism activities, I was surprised at how awful the room was. I have NEVER been in a hotel this bad. I’m wondering what the reviewers where looking at when they rated this hotel.

We got our room, the room was FILTHY. Urine on the bathroom floor, food in the microwave, dirty table and the list goes on. Yes, the night manager moved us. He upgraded us to what was supposed to be a premium room. When we walked in we inspected the room first. Much better, but not all that great, but survivable for ONE night. It’s very obvious they did some spot cleaning. Dirty lamp like someone touched it while eating. Thick dust on the lights over the beds, hair in the towels. Then you look around and wonder “This is a premium room?” The only difference in the room was we had 1 extra pillow on each bed and supposed to have had some snacks and things that we didn’t even have.

Yes, a full refund was issued the following morning, but it shouldn’t have came to that. I’m sure we are not the only ones that arrive late in the evening/night. Who wants to go through all of that after you’ve been on the road?

While the customer service was decent, the cleaniness of the hotel overshadowed everything else. One room, okay, you missed the room. Two rooms, we have a problem. A HUGE problem.

Official Rating: ⭐

Book Review (Loving Montie)

Book Review

“Loving Montie” by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Hopefully you have read the first three “Breathless” books in the series.  If not, you should, you’re missing out.  Although this book is about Montie who is Destiny’s ex-husband, all the characters we love or love to hate is back in this one!!!  First let me say this, I’m soooo glad Montie found love!!!!!  While he wasn’t my favorite person, he wasn’t a bad person.  This book dug deep into Montie and showed you he really is.  Love really makes people go out their way.  For me, Montie went above and beyond to please Destiny.  While, personally, I think Destiny asked for WAY too much of Monte.

Shani took us back to “Secrets of a Kept Woman”.  Monte’s new love interest, Lissa, comes forward in this book.  We also get to see Shayla too.  Of course nothing is ever that simple.  Justine is in the picture too and continues to wreck havoc for all involved. I was glad Montie was able to push past her issues and the issues with Destiny and move on.  He didn’t get weak (at least not yet) and go back to Destiny and all her issues.

Overall this book was an excellent read.  A great continuation of the “Breathless” series.  For me it was a fast read.  Characters were real and showed great emotions.  Shani continues to get better.  Great job Shani!!

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Review (Red Room)

“Red Room” by India Norflet

This book is fire! I enjoyed it from start to finish. The characters came to life which is always important. It wasn’t as predictable as some. I loved that I didn’t know who she would end up. I know who I wanted. I nice fast read. I was done in a couple of hours. Great read! ⭐ ⭐⭐🌟⭐

Book Review (Undisclosed Desire 1 & 2)

“Undisclosed Desire”  by Falon Gold

I read each book in a day. Both books had some good points and a few bad ones. Both I can visualize as movies. 

Book 1:

I really enjoyed this book. This book has all the things a good romance billionaire novel should have. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I  saw myself in Malisa’s shoes (minus the triplets LOL). Yes, big brother and all. What made this stand out was the humor that also laced the pages. I found myself roaring in laughter as if I was sitting there in Mama O’s house.  There no doubt the author put time into making her characters look and feel real.  Slightly predictable ending, but a few turns tip get there. Great book and didn’t take long to read.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book 2:

While this book had a lot of the same humor and love. It was a bit more serious. Yes, I laughed and cried work them too. I could feel the pain. I understood the loss and anger. Ending a bit less predictable. Overall a good book as well. 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

National Infantry Museum (review)

This was review is for the National Infantry Museum here in Columbus, GA. I was excited to use them for a client’s wedding and reception. However, now, I won’t quickly recommend them if I do it at all.

My client booked them for their wedding ceremony and reception. They double booked. One week out from their wedding the refunded the reception but will not refund the ceremony. Why? Because the contract says can’t refund the ceremony. However, now because of their mistake and neglect the client has to fork over more for a last minute reception location as well as ensuring the bridal party has transportation from one location to the next.

Never had encountered such poor customer service a week out from their wedding date. It’s like they didn’t care about the inconvenience that they caused.

“Furious 7” (review) (SPOILER ALERT)

I went to see Furious 7 this weekend.  First of all, if you haven’t seen it, and want any details, S-T-O-P reading here!!  Otherwise keep reading.

Furious 7.  The next installment of the Fast and Furious series.  I must say I was HIGHLY impressed.  I think they did a fantastic job with the movie and honoring Paul Walker.  The movie was fast pace and highly action packed.  The movie started off fast and ended just as explosive!  I loved how they didn’t kill Paul Walker off like they initially thought about doing.  Paul’s brother that filled in on some of the last scenes that were filmed worked really well with the technology.  It was delivered flawlessly.

The path and journey they take you on starting with the attack on Hobbs is a totally roller coaster.  You will l laugh, sit on the edge of your seat and possibly shed a few tears by the end of the movie.  All the actors and actresses did a wonderful job with their roles.  Needless to say I hate that they made Jason the bad guy, but he played it so well, I didn’t like the character.  LOL That’s a good thing.  It was nice to see the link from Tokyo Drift blend in well with the movie.  I thought at first it was going to be forced, but they did a great job with that.  Some of the fight scenes, they could have done a better job with.  I mean, the Rock and Jason fighting.  Both strong men, but why did some of the scenes seem so one-sided like one or the other wasn’t fighting.  This movie had a lot home humor than the previous movies.  This installment will not fail you.  You will thoroughly enjoy it on every level.

My favorite part of the movie was the end, the tribute to Paul Walker.  I stated before, it was a very nice tribute.  Almost had me in tears.  I know I may not know him personally, or have seen ALL of his movies.  What I do know is this, the ones I have seen, he’s done a great job.  The way they wrapped up the movie was very fitting.  Very good movie all the way around.

Rating: 5 stars

“Non-Stop” Review

This movie was incredible!  Liam was totally fantastic! I really enjoyed how the movie kept you in suspense on who it was. Normally I’m a pretty good detective in these movies, but this time I was stunned by who did it.  Liam did an excellent job in his role. If you didn’t actually see the text, you could wonder if it was him or not. BTW, I lived how they showed you the text and not leaving it all up to the imagination. One of the things I loved is that they didn’t make the Arabic guy the bomber and killer.  I would have liked to see why this lil girl was so important.That world be the only thing. Something small could have been added.


Very good movie! I’ll be adding it to my collection!

5 *****!!!!!!!

“Breathless: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire” (review)


One word comes to mind when I want to describe this book.  ‘O-M-G’.  Okay three words.  This book started off with a bang and ended with a bang.  I won’t be spoiler.  Shani took you an erotic and romantic roller coaster ride.  Destiny is a young divorced woman who falls in love with billionaire Jacob.  They have their ups and downs while they discover their new relationship.  She ended the book, but not the story.  I love the way she developed the characters and made you love them or hate them.  You will something for each of the characters in the book.  This book was so explosive I read it in one day.  Perfect title for the book “Breathless” because she leaves the readers “Breathless” by the end of the book.  Great read!  Awesome work.
5 Stars!!!!!!