The Battle

Feeling this urge
Having this battle within
Craving to say yes
Knowing I can’t
Have to say no
For myself

The war within
Going back and forth
Devil on one side
Angel on the other
My mind and heart agree
But my body is rebelling
It wants what it wants
My heart knows the truth
It’ll lead to heartbreak

My will
My drive
Doesn’t seem as strong today
But I know the deal
Can’t give in
Can’t test those waters
Waters I know I’d drown in
Wake up with heartbreak

I’ll fight it
Or try to
For now
Who knows what will happen
But for today
I won’t say yes

Quiet Storm ⚡ April 2020 #Day2

Don’t Give Up

She couldn’t believe it was happening
Happening all over again
Swore it wouldn’t
But it did
Now she’s confused
And angry
Mostly angry
Giving up seems like the best option
What’s the point after all
No matter what option she took
The result is failure
Always ends in failure
No matter what path she took
The results are back to square one
They say once you hit rock bottom
There’s nowhere to go but up
But when does the ascent begin
Will it start now
Will she have a long wait
Maybe the rise will be slow
Slower than the fall
Because the fall
Was super fast
Who wants to wait
Who has that kind of patience
She’s tired
She wants to give up
Still she knows she can’t
Can’t give in and wallow
Drowning her sorrows
Today things need to change
She must change
Change herself
Change the path she was on
Today’s the day she flips the light on
Changes the script
No same script different cast here
Different script
Different cast
That’s the way it’ll go
The way it’ll be
It’s time for self care
Time to bring sexy back
Time to not give up

Quiet Storm ⚡ April 2020 #Day1

My Heroes

Life has changed
Flipped upside down
Inside out
The precedent has changed
The things we took for granted
Has been taken away
What we use to depend on
Has been washed away
Stress has increased
Anxiety has doubled
The one thing that hasn’t changed
Is my family
The love
The care
The open hearts
It’s what keeps me moving
Keeps me stepping forward
When I’m stressed
When I need to cry
When I’m anxious
When I want to scream
When I want to give up
They are there
That helping hand
That uplifting voice
It’s always there
It’s the constant in my life
No matter what else happens
What else is going on
They are there
My group of

Quiet Storm⚡ April 7, 2020

My Survival

I was scared
Didn’t know what to do
Where to go
Who to call
I’m standing here in the cold
Shivering because of lack of layers
Nothing but t-shirt and jeans
Don’t know what happened
What went wrong
Thought we had something special
Then you left me
Left me in the cold
All I could think about was you
How could you do this
I knew I needed to move on
Needed make my next move
All I thought about was you
Thought about this abandonment
Then the cold wind
Slapped me in the face
Made me realize I could die
My focus was on you
Not on me
Not on my survival
On you
I wanted to live
Wanted to see the next day
The next sunrise
I kept drifting towards you
Had to turn away
After all
You didn’t care me
But I care about me
So I must dispel you from my thoughts
From my heart
From my memory
A new life
A new adventure


Quiet Storm⚡ April 6, 2020


I cared about you once upon a time
I wanted to give you my all
Felt like you were my everything
Like you were the one
Loved you so much
Too much
Loved you more than I loved myself
Didn’t completely understand
The feelings
The emotions at the time
Just knew something had to change
Then I realized something
I forgot who I was
What kind of person I was
I was so devoted to you
I forgot to be devoted to myself
No longer could I describe myself
Wasn’t sure about what I liked
Had become accustomed to yours
Everything was about you
How you wanted to be loved
How you felt
Never if you loved me
Never if you cared enough
Now I must break away
Leave you where you stand
It’s time
Time to redefine me
Redefine who I am
How I should be loved
What I need
What I want
It’s that time
Time for me to be

Quiet Storm⚡© April 5, 2020

My Friend

I know
I understand
I didn’t let you know
Didn’t tell you enough
Just how much you meant
How much of a friend you are
How much I value our friendship
I get it
I understand
I’m sorry
I apologize
Please understand
There’s no one that will
Replace what we have
The bond
The love we built
Is one of a kind
We’ve stood together
Through thick and thin
We’ve remained close
Through the test of time
Taking you for granted
I regret the most
Thank for being my friend
Thank you for always being true
Thank you for sticking around

Quiet Storm⚡ © April 3, 2020

A Better Way

I don’t have to cause a revolution
I don’t have to be the movement you seem to look for
I didn’t grow up in the hood
The projects
Grew up around the world
As a military child
The military brat
That’s me
That doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle
That I don’t have to worry
That greed of others
Don’t affect me
Didn’t affect me
I’m still human
Still have feelings
Sometimes it bothers me
Other times I let it go
I try to keep it real
But keep it light too
Life is a roller coaster for sure
No need to make bad times worse
No need to fight against everything
Sometimes it’s best to chill
To relax
Let go
So because I don’t always
Doesn’t mean I don’t care
Doesn’t mean I’m immune
It just means
There’s a better way

Quiet Storm⚡ © April 2, 2020

Stay In Your Lane

You looked at me
Then still asked
I tried to be polite
But that didn’t matter
I wanted to keep it cordial
Still that wasn’t good enough
So now I stand here
In front of you
Toe to toe
Letting you know
In no uncertain terms
Just exactly what my thoughts are
What I’m thinking
How I’m feeling
Don’t try that social distancing now
It didn’t matter before when
You decided to step to me
Please hear me
Please understand me
I don’t like you
I don’t personally care about you
So you’re feelings are hurt
Look me in my eyes
Does it seem like I care
You want to be bad
Then jump boo
Otherwise sit down somewhere
And stay in your lane

Quiet Storm © April 1, 2020

“The Pain”

April 7, 2015:

This pain
Feeling like a black cloud
Disrupting my mojo
Interfering with my flavor
Hurts so bad
Forget the badinage
I just can’t today
Feeling my eyes glaze over
Trying to mask the pain
The ache
Who do I turn to
What do I do
The bleakness
It’s more powerful
Than any other thing right now
Just want to close my eyes
Drift off to dreamland
Allow the black to take over

M.M. © April 7, 2015


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