Surgery Journey PT 2

Here we are. The day before the surgery. Normally I go I into surgery pretty calm. This time, for some reason I’m a bit nervous. I’m ready, just nervous.

Last year I had almost a month to prepare physically and mentally. This time, two weeks! Yes, I knew it when I selected it from the options given. Still, I was a bit surprised it got here this quick.

If you are preparing for surgery always keep in mind the cost and/or deductible if they pertain to you. Know what your insurance will pay. My doctor normally wants full payment upfront. Crazy I know. However, he does try to work with you. For me doing the surgery now has a few benefits. Of course the major one is to get rid of the pain. A huge second one is that my deductible has been meet. So instead of paying over $30,000 I’m paying. $2,000. Big difference. That in itself is a relief off my shoulders.

As I prepare for this second surgery I think of the benefits since I’ve had one knee replaced already. It’s those thoughts that keep me calm. For instance, I know what to expect pain wise after surgery. People can tell you all day long, but unless you experience it, you won’t really know. I also know know how to prepare for my recovery a better.

I also am grateful for having my family therefor their support. knowing I have them their to help me is one ofthe major things that truly keep me calm as we approach my surgery. There is nothing more valuable than that!

I think that’s about it for this round. I’ll be back later after surgery in a few days.

Were you nervous coming up to your surgery? How did you handle it?