My Why

I was recently reminded that I haven’t shared my “Why” in a while. While I wear many hats and titles, today is about why I decided to sell paparazzi jewelry.

I’ve now been selling these awesome $5 accessories for a year. My original why was to just add an additional stream of income. While I’ve been doing that, my reason for doing this has altered a bit.

Yes I still like the additional stream of income. It’s helped me out in many ways financially. However, I begin to see more. See a bigger picture. Now I want to leave a legacy for my niece and nephew. I also realized that with inexpensive and gorgeous accessories I’m able to help women boost their self confidence and to help the beauty that’s on the inside shine bright on the outside as well. To see them smile in excitement, or lift their heads a bit higher makes it all worth it.

That’s my why. I’ve included the link to my video on Facebook live to check out as well.

My Why Video

Why I Became An Entrepreneur

Many ask the question “Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?”   At first I wasn’t sure how to answer that.  Now though when I look back at my experiences, I believe it was all in the making from the start.  Even in school, both high school and college, I never took random classes because they were easy.  Well except for the couple of elective math classes I took in college.  Still, I think that was still molding me to become an entrepreneur.

I don’t have a problem with following instructions from supervisors, I have a problem when supervisors don’t teach and train and rule by threats.  I always strive to be that supervisor that did not rule by threats.  Over the years  I’ve learned a lot about running a business and how to be a leader.  I didn’t become an entrepreneur to boss people around.  I became an entrepreneur to help, teach and train others while providing a service.

Each of my businesses provide at lease one of those factors if not more.  I didn’t become an entrepreneur to boss people around, I did it fill a need, provide a service.  Yes there have been times when I’ve tried some businesses and then thought, this isn’t for me.  However, when I started my current businesses it was meant to be.  I knew right away this was wanted I wanted.  Yes, there have been some rough moments.  There were times when I wondered if I was doing the right thing for all the right reasons.  Sometimes I realized I wasn’t and stopped pursuing that specific avenue.

There’s no doubt that I have challenging moments.  I refuse to allow those moments to define me or what I’m trying to do.  I enjoy what I do and plan to do it full time in the very near future.

Are you an entrepreneur?  Why did you become an entrepreneur?  Please share your thoughts in the comments!