My Favorite 10 Movie Series

Movies, movies and more movies!!! I’ve always been a huge fan of movies. Over the years there has not been a shortage of movies. Some were good and others not so good.

Today I want to discuss movie series. There are many sequels out there. On this list I’ll share my favorite series that have three or more movies in them. So let’s get this party started!

  • Matrix – There are many things I like about this set. The special effects always capture me. It literally starts at the opening scene. I remember trying to count them and we were at 50 in less than 10 minutes!
  • Fast and Furious – Fast cars and an ever evolving story line. Granted I don’t know everything about cars, but I catch on pretty well. I think it is only one out of this series I didn’t much care for. Overall, I love the good chase. Even though there is some major off screen drama, their on screen dynamics is flawless.
  • Back To The Future – This classic has been a favorite ever since I first watched it. Now that we are 3 years past 2015, how are the kids? What changes would they make to a reboot to for the current time?
  • Die Hard – Drama during the holidays, what’s not to like? Granted I do find myself asking how many times can be continue to find himself in those situations? Good story lines and progressively better dialog.
  • Men in Black – One of the things I love about this series is the comic connection the characters have.  It keeps the movies light and fun.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street – As far as horror, this was my favorite.  They don’t make them like that anymore!
  • Avengers – Some of the Marvel superheros in one place.  I don’t claim to know all the small details that came from the comics because I would rather read a book.  However, I love the action in these movies.  Of course they include some of my favorite superheros too.
  • Mission Impossible – What’s not to love about this action packed, adrenaline pumping movie set?  Tom Cruise never disappoints with these movies.  I also love the fact that he does most of his own stunts in these too.
  • Bourne – The mystery surrounding Jason Bourne!  I love it!  It contains just enough romance to where it’s not taking over the movies and a lot of action.  To me, this is some of Matt Damon’s best work.
  • Blade – When it comes to vampires, these are the perfect movies to watch.  Not all that romance and love stuff (nothing wrong with romance).

What are some of your favorite movie series?



In this world many people collect many things.  Today I want to share some of the things I like to collect.

  • Pens/Pencils… I enjoy a good writing pen, and souvenir pens are awesome.  Been collecting those since Germany.
  • Postcards…Postcards are like pictures.  I love both.  I have a plan for the postcards, eventually.  I want postcards from every state.
  • Pictures…Pictures allow people to remember the past and allow the future to see what things were like then.  Great way to save memories.
  • Movies…I love movies.  Just that simple.
  • Books…I love reading just as much as watching movies.
  • T-Shirts…Not just any t-shirt, but souvenir t-shirts.
  • Sticky Notes…There is something about sticky notes that just draws me in!

What are some of things you collect?


Everyday I’m trying to add to my networking circle. You never know who can help you out. So, let’s take a moment and tell us about your business. What do you do?

I’ll start of course…LOL

I wear a number of hats. So to save you a bit of time I’ll list them. 🙂

1. Photographer
2. Event Planner
3. Writer (Poetry)
4. Business Seminars (just starting)
5. Book Club Co-Founder and President
6. Proofreader
7. Book & Movie Reviewer

What do you do?