Who Am I?

So today I’m supposed to be discussing my personality and values.  I think both of those do go hand in hand.  I try to stay positive when I’m dealing with people and myself.  There’s nothing worse than being around someone who is negative all the time.  Yes I have my rough days and want to strangle people sometimes.  I like to help others and see them smile.

I’m very easy going and like to relax and have a good time with my family and friends.  No, I don’t mean partying and drinking.  Yes, some of our events and time together do include some drinks, but that is not our primary reason for getting together and spend time with each other.  I like to smile and have a good laugh.  I enjoy making others laugh.

I find the gold rule a very important part of my core value.  “Treat others how you want to be treated.”  Wal-mart took it step further by stating that one of their core values is “Respect for the individual”.  You just have a better, relaxed time around others when people are happy.  Even in the work place.  Yes, sometimes you have to put your foot down, but that doesn’t mean your people have to hate to be around you all the time.  I’ve been in situations where most loved the boss, and where most didn’t love the boss.  It boils down to how one is treated.




I want to re-introduce myself.  My name is Mashawn.  I wear a number of hats as many people now days.  I’m a daughter, sister, employee, entrepreneur, writer, reader, blogger, photographer, friend and the list goes on.  You get the point.   During my course of almost 40 years I must say I’ve learned a lot.  Seen a lot too.  I know I don’t know or have seen as much as others, but I’ve seen a lot.  My blog “Let’s Talk Life” shares my views on various topics.  Some may cause a heated discussion.  All I ask is that we keep it cordial.  We must know how to agree to disagree.  Many times, no one person is wrong, or right.  It’s just an opinion based on life circumstances.

I enjoy many things to go with my many hats.  Photography, traveling, football, reading, watching movies and listening to music are just a few.  I always encourage spending quality time with friends and family that matter the most.  You know, the ones that have that positive impact on your life.

I encourage you to leave a comment and share the blogs!!!!  What is they say? “Sharing is caring?”  So let’s get to sharing!!!!  Take a moment and tell me who YOU are.