Beauty Of Life

Life itself is a beautiful thing. I’m forever grateful for the chance to enjoy it.

I get it, there’s things that may not be pleasant all around us, but I try not to meditate pink those things. I know they there and a part of life. What’s more amazing that that negative is life itself.

We were created so uniquely different that getting to know others and learning from others is amazing. We like and dislike many different things. When I look around I see so many beautiful things in life to be thankful for.

I love nature. To see the trees, flowers, bodies of water is an awesome gift we were given. To see little ones grow is beautiful. I really do think life is a beautiful thing that we were granted.

What do you find that’s beautiful that you’re thankful for?

Is There A TV Episode That Impacted Your Life?

So recently I question was raised, “Is there a TV episode that has impacted my life?” When I first read the question, I like, it’s TV, why would a TV show really effect my life? I have a number of favorite shows that I watch regularly. Now I can finally say there was a show that did it for me. “Grey’s Anatomy” season 6 episodes 23-24. The episodes dealt with a shooting at the hospital where 11 of their co-workers were killed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen enough crime shows to see people get killed. Yes, I also know most TV shows are also based on research. Still, it had it’s own impact on me.

While watching it, it bought me to tears. I couldn’t believe the extreme they were going in the show. Yet, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV while tears were streaming down my face. Watching the episode, I was reflecting on my own life. No, I wasn’t involved in a situation like that, however, I’ve had my share of changes. I’ve made decisions that I’m not too happy about. Some I even regret, others, I really wish I had made.

Those episodes really reminded me how short life can be. We don’t know what will happen. I’ve learned to cherish every moment.

Is there a TV episode that has impacted your life?

10 People That Have Influenced Me

There are many people that have influenced by life one way or another. Here are only ten of those purple that have influenced me.

Mom…. My mom has always been there. Supported all of me and my sisters’ ideas no matter how wild they were. That undeniable support and love has taught me what love really means. You know those moments when growing up and you try to hide stuff and it backfires? My mom never said “I told you so”, only asked what happened. Even still today, we are all grown up and she still stands by our side unconditionally.

Sisters (equally)…There is a six and seven year gap between me and my sisters. Still I’m always able to learn from them. I’m closed minded as to think I can’t learn from them because they’re younger. If anything, the three of us are pretty different and have different strong points. I enjoy picking up new stuff from them. Their support is never ending, even if it’s low key sometimes!

Dad…My dad may not have always understood the why, but that didn’t stop him for supporting. He may not have always agreed, but he made sure home was ALWAYS taken care of. He taught us many things and made sure we didn’t just settle. Even as adults he made sure we didn’t want for anything.

Niece & Nephew…These two young people make everything all worth it. They remind me to not always be so serious. To have some fun. To laugh. Their hearts are so big it’ll humble you in seconds. A text, a call, a picture always brings a smile to my face. An interchange of learning takes place with them.

June Wiley…I worked under her for years. She knew her job. What she didn’t know was how to lead. Manage yes. Lead, no. She showed me many positive things as a supervisor as well as many things not to do. I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given to work under her. The experience was immeasurable.

The Crew…My girls! They really rock. They’ve taught me so much. We’ve had ups and downs but we were still here. I love that we can argue, disagree and stuff and still remain friends. Their has never been a question about their loyalty. Even moving to VA they kept me in the loop. If I didn’t know what loyalty was before, I would know now.

Keith (Lagrange)…He was my store manager in Lagrange. I enjoyed working under him. Especially being a new Assistant Manager. His knowledge was amazing. The way he taught was great. I learned to make decisions. I learned a lot about myself and what I was truly capable of. Yes we had a run in or two, but isn’t that to be expected?

Harrison Banks…Little does he know he showed me so much. He pushed me past boundaries I didn’t know I had at the time. He taught me you can have fun in business. Always open to trying new things was one of the things I liked about working with him.

Celita…My manager that always has the gift of Gab. We have a long history of working together. One thing I learned from her was her ability to speak confidently even if she wasn’t 100% sure. She helped me to speak with confidence.

Robert Jackson (Nightwalker)…My writing husband. He gave me my first push at writing poetry. My cornerstone and helper. When all else fails I call him. Whatever I need when it comes to writing he’s my support. Yes, I have fans and supporters that are invaluable. He’s so much more. He’s my writing husband. I write with others, but he’s my go to. Without him I wouldn’t have even started.

These are only 10 people that have influenced by life one way or another. Who has influenced you?


DEFINITION: An intense but usually short-lived infatuation.

When we think of having a crush, we typically go back to middle and high school.  I’m sure everyone has had one at some point in time.  I never crushed on a teacher or anything, only fellow classmates.  That typically ended once I changed schools.  (Which was often as the life of a military brat.)  Take a moment and think back to your crush(es).  Was it just one, or more than one?  Why that person?  How long did that crush last?

Now I ask you, do you have a crush today?  Is it someone on your social media?  Someone you personally know?  Does that person know you have a crush on them?  Why or why not?

Yes, I have a crush right now.  No, I won’t tell you his name.  No, he doesn’t know.  Or at least I don’t think he does.  I made my best friend promise not to tell EVER. LOL  Well, I may have given it away now since I know he does take the time to read a number of my posts.  This is the only adult crush I’ve had in a long time, and I must say I’ve crushed him for a while.  From day one actually.  As of yet, he as yet to disappoint. When I see him, I do have to force myself not to get all googly moogly.  Must hide those feelings. No I don’t get all giggly like a lil’ school girl.  I just be looking, thinking, mentally seducing and writing about him.  As a writer, anyone is likely to be in a book.  Could be poetry or a short story, you never know.  How you act will depend on how you’re portrayed in either one.   So, yes, he’s in a book or two.  Don’t think he knows that either.  So we are good for now.  Too bad we stay so far apart.  I know for a lot of people it shouldn’t matter.  Most of the time it wouldn’t matter for me either.  This time though, it does matter.  Matters big time.  Matters in ways I’m not ready to discuss because he’ll know it’s him if he doesn’t already.  Sure this sounds petty, or high schoolish.  I don’t really care.  I know where I currently stand, what the deal is.  Now what the future will hold, no one knows.  In the mean time, I just keep doing what I do. Handling my business and continue being a friend.  Yes, we are friends.  Close friends, no, but good friends.

Having a crush isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s when you allow it to take over your thinking and your daily activities.  It’s a problem when you start to stalk that person.  Doesn’t matter if you’re stalking them online through social media or in person, it’s still a no go.  If they let you know they are not interested, then keep it moving.  I do believe that in due time he will know, but he should know, eventually.  In the mean time.  It’s hush hush.

I’m still a bit old fashion in a number of ways.  I refuse to chase a guy.  Nope, I won’t do it.  If he is interested then I’m going to need him to make the first move.  However, make the move right.  You come at me talking sex, you’ll get nixed right away.  If it was just sex I wanted, I could get that from the next guy.  It’s not hard to get good sex.  Pull out my little black book.  LOL Now I know ya’ll remember those little black books.  I mean, real, little black books.  You know the days before we had cell phones that stored everything for us.  Yes, those black books!

To me, having a crush or crushes is a part of growing up.  As we get older we know how to deal with those crushes.  Or at least we should know how to.

Do you have a crush?  Do they know it?  How do you deal with YOUR crush?

Poetry & Life

Those that know me know I love poetry. Yes, I write it, but I also love reading and hearing other poets spit. Me, I’m a newbie with in the spoken word arena. I’m still learning my flow. But that’s neither here nor there.

Since I’ve been back in Georgia, I’ve heard and met some amazing poets that come from all over the country. I’ve met some of the best. Some that make their living off their spoken word. To see that growth and that amazing talent is just awe inspiring. I’ve been going through my CDs from the poets, listening, learning, enjoying their pieces. To hear such great talent and not take away something from them would be pure sin. Or just laziness. Neither I am known for. Tonight I want to talk about one specific poet from South Carolina name Ray Manley.

His CD deals with mostly relationships. He has an erotic flare that will make a novice blush. He will bring out the inner freak in you too. Don’t sleep on him. I know the erotic pieces is what most of the people will take away from the CD, but it goes much deeper than that. Let’s talk about that, shall we.

Yes, I’m currently single. No, I don’t really sweat it, don’t too much worry about it. Every now and then I’ll have a moment where I wish I wasn’t. Those are few and far in between. When I listened to Ray’s CD the second go round, I realized why I really loved his CD. Why I loved ALL his pieces. Yes, all. How often does that happen? I know you want to know what was on the CD, what his poems are about. I’m getting there.

So, I’ve always said I had some old fashion ways about myself. My standards are my standards and I won’t lower them to meet someone else’s because they feel intimidated. Yes, I’ve been told I should. True enough, I’m sure the books I’ve read may have tainted my wants a bit, but not much. Before you ask, yes I do compromise where I see that I’m not compromising me. Yes, I prefer tall guys, six feet plus. Yes, I will date and have dated some shorter. I prefer pepperoni pizza. Sure, I’ll get a meat lovers. No, I’m not a morning person. Sure, we can take the early morning flight, or leave on a road trip early, or even go have breakfast (every now and then on the breakfast. LOL) Those type of things I can comprise on because it doesn’t lower my standards. No, I don’t smoke. No, I won’t date a smoker. Yes, I have a job, a car, and my own place. Yes, you need a job, preferably some type of transportation (unless you medically can’t drive) and somewhere to live. I understand if you have roommate, or stay with a parent. But my question is why are you staying with that parent? Is it because you’re helping foot the bills, are they sick or are you just being lazy? Those type of things I don’t compromise on. I must say, the older I get the higher the standards go. Ya’ll know the saying: “To know better is to do better.”

Now back to Mr. Manley here. His poetry to me speaks so much truth like so many other poets. His stuff breaks down the relationships in a way you may have never heard before. Even the erotic pieces tell the TRUTH. Sure, I know I’m spoiled, but I’m not bratty. I know what I want, I know what I like, and I know how I DESERVE to be treated. Every woman, regardless of race should be treated like a Queen. Every man, regardless of race should be treated like a King. While I say that, are YOU doing your part? Ray talks about the importance of foreplay, the importance of how to treat your woman. He discusses the push and pull in relationships. We all know it’s not always Sunny in California. Relationships go though what I call phases. Me, I truly believe, if you enter into a relationship, a marriage for the right reasons, you will be able to push through those phases. Before you start, yes, I’ve been married. Yes, I did for all the WRONG reasons. Even then I knew it. Now, at 40, I know better. I refuse to settle.

Today I posted on my facebook page a line from one of his pieces. He said “She should not have the fortitude to tell you what you can and can’t do after you’ve weakened her will.” That line there did something, turned on a switch or something. As a man, my man, I shouldn’t have the desire to tell you no. I should be ready to please you because you took care of me. Because as the head of the house, you handled your business. Ladies, that does not mean you just take and don’t give. You have to help him, allow him to do his part. Don’t be in such a rush to pitch a fit every time you don’t get what you want. (Easier said than done, I know.) As I listened to the entire CD the second time around I listened to the words, listened to how they were spoken, understood the meaning. Did I mention, read between the lines? Yes, it’s true, I don’t know Ray Manley on a personal level, don’t know personally if this is the stuff he really does. However, being a poet, knowing poets on a personal level, some of that was him if not all. I’m not putting him on a pedestal, because no one deserves that but God. Still, there’s something to be said about a man being a man. A strong man. A man that protects and provides for his. There’s nothing sexier than seeing a strong man handle his business, both inside and outside the bedroom.

I want to talk to my women for a moment. Women………As a woman, we need to raise our standards. We need to stop allowing lazy men to make your life harder than it needs to be. Demand they do better. BUT make sure you’re doing better too. When I see customers in the store shopping, or at Starbucks where I’m writing, I’m amazed at the level of disrespect that you allow to happen. Is being with someone really that important for them to disrespect you, to belittle you and to do it public? Is it really that important to have companionship that it’s like you’re supporting another child? Okay, your married, he’s sick, he’s disabled. I get that. Still does that give him the right to treat you any less than what you deserve? Yes, we have to work in most cases to help cover expenses. Yes, companies lay off, but is he sitting at home playing video games or out drinking with his buddies spending your money while you’re struggling to pay the bills? I don’t don’t care how cliche’ this sounds, but if I’m going to do bad, I’ll do that by myself. I don’t need help in that. I refuse to preach, but we were created to be his helper, not another mother. You want better? You want more, GET MORE. DO BETTER. Yes, it may be hard work, but it can be done. I’m done. 🙂

Let me say this. I think both men and women alike should get his CD. My opinion. Fellas, you may want to step your game up if you’re not top notch before you let your woman listen to it. Trust me, she’ll expect you to put in some work. She’ll be waiting for you to seduce her without a touch.

Thank you Ray Manley for those awesome pieces of work. Keep up the good work. You rock.



I’ve been away for a while because I was moving.  I’m sure everyone has moved at some point and been through the process.  Was it easy for you?  Did you move due to business or pleasure?  There are many reasons why someone would move and you proceed with that move.

I’ve moved so many times since I was born. I was the product of a military father.  With that we moved every three years or less.  Never more, until he retired.  Even though my parents handled he bulk of the moving and the packing by the movers, I always watched.  That lead me to being an anal mover myself.  Even my mom be like “What?”  LOL  But it makes for a smooth process.

So you’re probably asking what do I do when I move?  What makes my moves so flawless?  I typically start packing the moment I know I’ll be moving.  I either go to the Uhaual store and buy labels or order them off Amazon to go on the boxes.  The labels state what room the boxes need to go to.  I absolutely love those!!  I still make notes on the boxes like “Computer” to ensure I know where specific things are. Using those labels help you and the movers themselves.  All my kitchen boxes were placed in the kitchen.  Don’t need to look anywhere else.  Love it.   I pack things I don’t use regularly and probably won’t need until I move.  I save the things I use regularly for last for week before the move.  Since I go to church twice a week, I keep those outfits out and and whatever I need for work.  Now, if it’s a local move by this point should already have most of your clothes in your new place.

I like to get the keys to my new place at least 2 weeks before my lease is up on the current place, especially if it’s a local move.  Why do you ask?  Not only do you not have to stress, you have plenty of time to get everything moved and cleaned. Once you get the keys, begin moving things that may not go in boxes.  What kind of things?  Pictures, clothes, odd shaped objects.  By moving day, you should have 95% boxes and furniture and makes it easy for the movers.  I don’t know about everyone else, but on moving day I’m not trying to look for my necessity items. So most of those are in my car in a ‘go bag’.  The stuff that is not in the go bag normally have “Open First” on the box.  Those are normally loaded first so they can be unloaded last.  Get up early one moving day to ensure last minute things are taken care and everything is ready to go.  Make sure you have walkways clear for the movers to walk.  If you hired movers make sure you have their payment and have read ALL the information that was given to you.  If you have friends and family move you, have plenty of water and possibly lunch (we always do pizza) for them.  Hired movers won’t have time to sit and eat.  Have water available and a tip if they do a good job.  Follow up to ensure all items get on and off the truck.  I had great movers we hired and I was loaded and unloaded in just about two hours.

Of course, no move is perfect.  Mine was pretty close to perfect.  What kind of hiccups did I have with my moves?  This specific time I was getting my internet turned on at the same time the movers arrived to the new place.  Trust me, it wasn’t planned that way.  The cable guy should have been there a bit earlier, but he had an issue that delayed him.  Then the dinning room table wouldn’t fit through the door.  We had to take the legs off the table to get it though the door and put them back on once we got it inside.  The movers were great through.  We took the legs on and off and they moved it.  Easy.  It’s stuff like that, that I typically have to deal with.  Nothing too major.

Overall, my move was very good.  My recommendations?  If you plan on moving, as soon as you know you’re moving, start packing.  It things as organized as possible.  If you plan to hire a moving company, do it as soon as possible and make sure you read and understand ALL the terms and conditions.  Label boxes by maker or moving tape.  ALWAYS plan and prepare.  Make sure you have an adult that knows where things go at the new place when the unloading begins.  Nothing worse than having to move stuff around that day after moving.  Stay consistent with your packing to keep confusion down.

Have you moved recently?  Do you have any moving tips?  Please share your moving tips.

Let’s Talk Life

Today I just want to talk about life and how it’s going. Everyday we all have many challenges. Some we conquer and sometimes they conquer us. I know that I’ve had my share of challenges in my 40 years. I’m pretty sure we can run down a general list of challenges that we all have at some point in time.  I like to believe that these challenges typically make us stronger once we get through them.  It may be hard while going through them, but the end result should make us better people.

Life isn’t just full of challenges.  Life is also fun and exciting.  There are so many things for us to enjoy.  Don’t you think so?  I want to talk about some of those things.  Yes, you may be in pain, or going through something right now and may not see it, but life itself is a joy.  One of the things that I really love is nature.  I just love to sit and watch nature and see how it was created for our pleasure and enjoyment.  Even the rain (as long as it isn’t a storm) is beautiful and part of the life cycle process.  It’s wonderful to sit and watch on any day.

 Let’s be transparent for a moment. I don’t claim to be happy 24/7, or even near perfect health. Still I am who I am. I embrace all of me, my size, my aches and pains, my strengths and my weaknesses. After all, it’s a part of me. It’s what makes me me. Yes, like everyone, I have plenty of room to grow and some things I want to change. Grow because I want to. Not because someone else said I should do this, this or that. 

So go ahead, ask me, what makes me happy? My belief and hope for the future play a strong part. Or better yet, the majority. I know and understand that a lot of people I can’t depend on. Yes I have a few outside of my mom and sister that are my ride or die. They are my roots and bark of the tree. 

A major reason I enjoy this life I was given is because I know who I am. My standards and morals are where they are because I put them there. I know what I like, want and need. I know my worth. Once in a while I hit a slump and wonder about things I don’t have. Then I realize that the things I don’t have right now are not meant to be. At least not at this moment. I may have to work a bit harder, sacrifice a bit more, and that’s okay with me. I see it so often, people lower their standards to fit others low standards because they are afraid or just not strong enough top follow through. 

As we begin this new year, I encourage you all to enjoy life. Work hard, yes, focus on your goals, yes, still have fun, yes! Join me in making 2017 unforgettable! Let’s have that #UnrelentlessPursuit while managing that #UnapologeticTakeover. It’s our life to live to the fullest. 

Difference Between Personal & Internet Life

“Difference Between Personal & Internet Life”

The difference between my personal life and internet life is pretty simple.

My personal life is just that personal.  I gave great family and friends.  Yes, I talk about them, yes I mention them.  No, I don’t tell their personal business, no mine.  Trust me, I’ve heard it before.  “You tell all your business on facebook.”  Let me put this plainly, 95% of my life is not on social media.  I don’t mind sharing some of personal life with the public, but it is by no means mean my entire life is on social media.  I do like for my clients, fans, and supporters to see me, to see that I am no different than you are.  I’m just using what I was given to share with the world.  I like to think that those in my personal life know me a whole better than those with just my internet life.

My internet life….Simple…It’s what I want you to see.  You don’t get to see everything.  I’m not a mega superstar (yet).  Before when I first got on the internet back in the AOL days, it was mainly for fun.  It was an avenue to meet new people.  Now, almost two decades later, it’s still a great avenue to meet new people.  However, it’s not personal, it’s more business.  Yes, I’ve met some great people who are now awesome friends.  What you see online, on the internet is mostly business.  I do share some personal things, but not as much as some, but more than others.  As I said before, I want you to be able to see me for who I am.  Yes, I share.  Yes, some is private.  Yes some things you’ll never know, you’ll never see.  That’s me.

What are the differences in your personal and internet life?  I’d love to hear.  Share your thoughts.