Some of you may know that I’m an independent consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. My business name is MM Butterfly Jewelry.

Our founders are always encouraging us to do better and be better. This is not just in business, but also our personal life. One way they do this is by issuing challenges. One such challenge was issued for this past weekend. We were asked to give 10 compliments over the weekend.

I think I did pretty good. At first I was thinking this would be tough with me at work and all. However, once I gave the first one, it was pretty easy. I realized that I did it more often than I thought.

What I noticed was that when I made sure my compliments were sincere and specific they made people feel good and it made them smile. On the flip side, when they smiled, I found myself smiling more. Even when I started to feel agitated I would find something positive and compliment them on it. Being an introvert sometimes makes it hard to speak to others and offer them a compliment. But, I did it. I feel about it too.

Have you given a compliment recently that was both sincere and specific? Why not make it a priority and see the difference in your day?

My Bad Habit

A bad habit. At least that’s what I consider it. Sometimes it works in my favor. Other times, not so much. This bad habit I’ve been working on for years. I don’t know if it’ll ever change, but I’m still working on it.

My facial expression always says it all. Like the saying goes “I wear my heart on my sleeves.” If I’m mad at you, you’ll see it. Won’t have to say a word. If I’m disgusted with something, you’ll see it. However, on the flip side, if I’m happy, you’ll know. If I love you, you’ll see it.

I was told early in my career that I needed to work on that and that I’ve been working on. Needless to say, I’ve not accomplished much. Still, I’ve made a little progress in controlling my expressions. Just not when I’m angry. Sometimes I can now conceal hurt. I can even conceal an attraction.
Still, this is something I’m working on.
I’ve gotten better over the years, but it’s still there. One thing I can never seem to hide is when I’m not feeling good. No amount of training or practice has helped in the slightest bit.

I’ll never be able to play poker, because, I don’t think I’ll have that much control. Still, I think I’ve gotten better over the years. Not great, but better for sure.

What’s a bad habit that you haven’t been able to break?

Dating & Parents

I was recently on Facebook and one of my author friends posted a question that was pretty thought provoking.

QUESTION: So you’re dating this dude and he takes you to meet his mom. She is very nice to you and offers you coffee. Then she sends her son to the store. She looks you in the eye and says, I love my son, but baby he ain’t shit. You should run. What would you do?

When I first read the question, my thought was like so many others. RUN 🏃👟 and don’t look back!!! However, I stopped. ✋ How do I know she’s telling me this because it’s true? Maybe she just wants to get rid of me because she feels I’m just not good enough in her eyes 👀.  I mean really what do you do? Either way I’m still thinking “Houston we have a problem!!!” 

How can both situations be a problem? Let’s take a brief moment to exam this thoroughly shall we.  As a reminder, remember there are always a few exceptions. 

Like I said, my first thought was to run! And not a slow run either. I mean get out of there as fast as you can, run!!! Seriously who wants to be with someone, male or female, who’s parent just told you their child was no good?  Think about it?  Most parents know their children.  Can you see it now?  You ignore her/him and continue to date him.  Three months, six months, or a year down the road and you finally open your eyes and see that the truth was there from the beginning.  You start replaying all the past events and it breaks your heart.  You get angry.  You may even seek revenge.  Is that what you reaelly want?  Again, there are some exceptions to this rule.  Their parents may have ignored them and don’t really know them.  That is an exception, not a rule.

So my second thought was to wait it out and see what happens.  Keep your eyes open of course.  Yet again, I see that as being disastrous as well.  You don’t believe me?  So, the parent is lying all the way around right?  Now you’ve decided to move on.  Things get serious, may even go so far as to get married, who knows.  Guess what?  Most of you will STILL be dealing with that deceptive parent.  You’ll still be dealing with the lies all because they think you are not good enough or you’re interfering with their relationship.  Maybe he’ll take your side, maybe not.  Maybe he’ll act like he is but still not really caring?  Who knows the true future right.  The exception would be he sets her straight and ya’ll live happily ever after.  Do you really want to constantly be looking over your shoulder or always bickering?  I personally prefer my sanity.

Even when I scroll up and reread the question, I still feel the same way.  I would probably end up leaving.  If not right away, but more and likely sooner than later.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  What would you do in this situation?