Vision Board 2019

“See it. Believe it. Achieve it.”

As we begin to end 2018, we should be prepared for 2019. You should have your list of goals complete by now. Now it’s time to build your Vision Board if you haven’t done so already.

Here are some steps to help you create a vision board.

1. Create a list of goals for three upcoming year. Also add how you plan to attain those goals. Decide on what you want, need, and value.

2. Gather your supplies.

  • Magazines
  • Poster board, blank art book, cork board to place your pictures on.
  • Scissors
  • Glue, or something to attach the pictures with
  • Markers, pens or paints

3. Find pictures that represent your goals or That inspire you.

4. Attach photos to board in a way that’s visibly pleasing to you.

5. Once your Vision board is complete, hang it somewhere you can see it. This is your visual. I like to take a picture so it’ll be on my phone at all times.

6. Check your board regularly. Mark off what’s been completed. Because things change, adjust your board when needed.


4th Quarter Goals

4th quarter is just about upon us. Let’s wrap it up the year with a bang so we can move into 2019 with an even bigger bang. One way to do this is by planning now for the next and final quarter of the year.

We want to ensure what your goals for this last quarter will benefit you in the best way so you can become better than yesterday. After all, if we are not better than we were the day before, what’s the point?

There are a few things you must remember when planning your goals. You want to make SMART goals! How many have you make SMART goals? Or do you just make random goals? Here is how you make SMART goals:

  • S – Specific (or Significant)
  • M – Measurable (or Meaningful)
  • A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented)
  • R – Relevant (or Rewarding)
  • T – Time bound (or Trackable)

Additional Tips:

  • Be precise
  • Set priorities
  • Write goals down

Here are some of my 4th quarter goals (pending the healing from my knee surgery):

  • Get back out in the community
  • Publish a poetry book
  • Plan my vision for 2019
  • Host a vision board party
  • Find an accountability partner or two
  • Partner up with other entrepuners
  • Complete a few projects that are already in the works
  • Hard push for my reading goal (especially while I’m recovering)
  • Increase my social media presence and engagement
  • Add some much needed ‘me time’ (need it during the holiday season)
  • Start on my personal goals early
  • Focus Focus Focus Focus

What are some of the fourth quarter goals? What can I do to help? Can we collaborate on any of those?

What’s your 2018 motto?

For the last few years I’ve had a hashtag to remind me of goals, to celebrate my accomplishments and stuff. Thanks to Felicia Hamilton for my start on that. Y’all know, I’m all about hashtags too!!!

2018 hashtag is…….


No not the song by Salt n Pepa. I constantly finding myself saying “Just keep pushing it” or “Push through it.” Right now I’m Saying “Push the envelope. Push it further than before. It refers to so many things.

This is a year for me to step outside my box. To go places I’ve never been, to do things I’ve never done. It’s time to grow to new heights with more people.

There’s so much I want to accomplish this coming year. I know there will be ups and downs. There will be uncomfortable and tense moments. Of course there will be those moments I’m just lazy. I’ll just have to push through those times.

For 2018, my hashtag is #PushIt. I’ll also continue to use the following: #Unapologetic #Unrelentness #YearOfFirst #BecauseIAmForty

What is your motto, quote or hashtag for 2018?



“Your Goals Should Be Aligned with One Another”

The four tires of your car have to be properly aligned; otherwise the left tires will be pointed in a direction from the right tires and the car won’t work.  Goals are just like that.  They all must be pointed in the same direction.  If your goals conflict with one another, your life may not work.

In a long-term study of subjects over the course of more than a decade, life satisfaction was associated with the consistency of life goals.  Goals regarding career, education, family and geography were each important, and together add up to about 80 percent of satisfaction.  Thee goals need to be consistent with one another to produce positive conclusions regarding goal achievement. (Wilson, Henry, and Peterson 1997)

****100 Simple Secrets of Happy People by David Niven