Crisis On Infinite Earth Review

“Crisis On Infinite Earth”
Part 1-5

I hope you’ve seen all five episodes of this crossover! If not, STOP 🚨🚫✋🏾!!!!!!

There’s nothing like sitting down and watching a good movie with some popcorn. Yes, that’s what this was like, watching a movie.

There were a lot of cameos in all five episodes. There were also a lot of Easter eggs thrown in. Some I caught, others I didn’t. This crossover kept you on your toes from the beginning. We have Oliver dying at the end of Supergirl, then dying again later! Man, to see someone die twice while being a hero is though.

Many surprises rang out throughout the five hour crossover. Some we were glad to see, like the Flash from the movies! That made my night there! Other surprises we could have done without, although vital, like Lex Luther. Then all the changes he made to his benefit. Of course, I personally felt some appearances didn’t really add to the crossover. My number one would be Mia, Oliver’s daughter. Sure didn’t do much but run off at the mouth, which took away from some of the scenes she was in. Yes, I know it was grief probably talking.

There were so many things to like, a few to dislike. One thing I hated was that it seemed like they had extra commercials, especially the last two hours. Maybe they should have did minimal commercials throughout.

Overall it was a great crossover. I enjoyed watching it. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Black Lighting and seeing an appearance from Star Girl.


TV SERIES REVIEW (DC Legends of Tomorrow)


“DC Legends of Tomorrow”

A few months back I saw “DC Legends of Tomorrow” on Netflix. Of course I was intrigued. I watched season one in a few days. Just a few days ago I finished season two. Man oh man!
Just like season one, I was hooked pretty quickly. The episodes were jaw dropping, riding the edge of your seat awesome. When I tell you it had my feelings and emotions all over the place, they were ALL over the place.  The show had some pretty good twists and surprises that bound to keep you on your toes. The acting was great. The time periods they traveled to were pretty good too. I enjoyed the fairly fast pace of each of the episodes. The season didn’t end worth much of a cliff hanger, but just enough to let you know that there is another season. 
Overall: Great job. Well written scripts and good acting. I give them ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐