Disrespecting Parents

You know this topic is so easy to cover.  To me the answer is simple DO NOT DO IT!!!! If you have kids then DON’T ALLOW IT!!! It really is that simple. No ifs, ands or buts.

I know there is not many years separating my generation from the one following after me. Still, it’s amazing how different the children act now to the parents. You know I could see it now. Don’t think I’d be where I am today if I tried some of the things they try now. How do you tell a parent what you will and won’t do?  That is wrong on so many levels. No discipline at home, therefore no manners in public either.  Even now as an adult, I still wouldn’t do those things I see happening, let alone as a minor.  Mind you a minor isn’t paying any bills and still looking for mommy and daddy to bail them out of trouble. No, I’m not saying put them to work using child labor, or abusing your children, or any of those things.  What I am saying, there is a line, a line you just don’t cross.

Some of the issues are children raising children.  They just don’t know how to be parents.  What can a 15 year old teach a child about life?  They haven’t lived life to know.  Then you have the issue where children are raising themselves or the television is raising them.  Either way, that is not helping the cause either.  It’s time to get a better handle on things.

Go ahead and say it.  I know I don’t have children of my own.  Yet, still, I help teach and train other children.  I have a niece and nephew and plenty of adopted children around so I understand.  Working in retail I’ve seen it all. Children yelling at parents and the parents saying nothing more than okay. I mean, is this where we are now? The age of children raising parents? Too many parents are trying to be their children’s friend instead of the parent. A spanking doesn’t make it worse. Now I’m not talking about beating the child. There is a difference and a thin line.  I never want to see a child mentally or physically abused.  All I’m saying is that a bit of punishment and/or discipline always work.  Some children don’t even need spanking as a punishment, you can take something away such as an allowance, or video games.  There are ways to do punishment without abusing.  It’s about knowing your kids and what will work with them.  Just as a reminder, what works with one child may not work with another one.  For example, I have two sisters.  My mom couldn’t punish us all the same way.  A spanking or taking my books away worked with me (I think).  Whereas with one of my sisters, a spanking would do nothing.  Again, it’s about knowing your kids.

Like I said, this is a pretty straight forward topic to me. It is simple enough. Don’t do it and don’t allow it.  What are your thoughts on the topic?


When We Were Younger

I was sitting here thinking back, reminiscing on the past.  It’s amazing how the view changes as we get older.  I like to put it in four categories.  Childhood, teens, young adult, and adult.  Each category shares it’s on thoughts and views.

When we were younger we always made comments to the effect of “I can’t wait until I grow up.”  Little did we really know what growing up meant or what would actually be expected of us as we grew up.  Of course once we actually hit adulthood, the situation changed.

Now here we are as full fledged adults (most of us anyway).  Now what are we saying?  “I wish I could go back.”  “Only if I was younger.”  My favorite: “Can I take a nap?” LOL  It takes you back to a time when have you saying “Do I have to?”

Being an adult requires more than doing what you want to do, coming and going as you please and hanging out with the friends of our choosing.  It now requires us to handle the responsibilities that goes with being an adult.

What does it mean to be an adult?  Responsibility, YES!  Now we can choose our friends, out and have a good time, but now we have responsibilities that go with that.   Most of us have jobs we must do in order survive and be able to do the things we not only need to do, but want to do.  We have bills that must be paid.  Some are a necessity, others not so much.    As kids we thought money came easy and was always ready to spend our parents lil’ change.  Now we try to hold on to it.  We didn’t want to take a nap either.  We wanted to see everything and be everywhere.  Now, if we could, a nap would be in our plans EVERYDAY.  Well, okay, that might just be me!  LOL

There’s no doubt that sometimes we want things we can’t have or we just think the other side has better.  Most of the time we don’t really know all the facts at the time.  As children we watched older ones come and go and do what they wanted, we wanted to do the same thing.

Talk to me.  What are some of the things you use to say as a kid or teen that is the total opposite now?  Share your thoughts in the comments!!!

Children & Parents…The Disrespect

Today I was told some information that really broke my heart.  So I started thinking.  Then I started to remember some things I’ve seen where children just outright disrespected their parents.  This just made me more sad.

It’s really sad to hear how people are treating their parents these days. And they do it for selfish reasons. Nobody is perfect, you only have one set of parents (unless you have step parents of course), don’t do things you’ll regret later, or worse when they’re gone. Many people don’t have parents for various reasons. Some have straight up wicked parents, but majority (I like to believe) love and care for their children, grand children and on down the line. When your children see how you disrespect your parents, they will think it’s okay or the norm, then they’ll be treating you the same way and you’ll be wondering what happened.

I was at work one day and saw a young mother, maybe mid 20s, with a little boy, about 5 or so, as they were shopping. The boy wanted some candy, you know how that goes right? Momma said no and it went back and forth a few times. The boy, yes the 5 year old, said “I hate you b***h”. Me being who I am stood back to watch. I just knew he was about to get the spanking of a life time. My mouth hit the floor when the mother picked up the candy and bought it for him. What is that teaching? Here’s the sad thing, I’m seeing it more and more.

Why do parents allow their children to start that disrespect at such a young age? Then we see it as they get older it gets worse. Don’t get me wrong, I understand growing up, teens will always have some disagreements. Still just outright disrespect, no.

What makes me ill is the grown child that doees that same crap. Your parents have raised you. In some cases, half raised your kids, and you ignore them because you can’t get your way. You all of sudden think you are better than them. You believe you have the right. Think it’s okay to treat them the way you do. I’m here to tell you, it’s not okay.

After I heard everything today, I felt compelled to call a family member. I’m so glad I did because it seems they needed it.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we listen to our parents or help our parents we will be looked upon favorably. We have to do better, it starts with us. Each and every one of us.