Things You May Not Know About Me

While I maybe transparent with things going on with me, I still think there are many things you may not know about me.  So, today I’ll share a few of those little known facts you may not know about me.

  • I’m an introvert.  Yes it’s true, I’m a true introvert.  I’ve been working on being more extrovert, especially with business.  One of my goals for the upcoming year is to be more social in real life than on social media.
  • I like to sing, but can’t sing worth a lick!!  So don’t ask me to sing, because I will not embarrass myself that way. Nope!!!
  • I really want to do spoken word, but the introvert in me says, chill.  I’ve done it twice, but, I’m quick to say no when they ask.  I know the only way I’ll find my style is by doing it.
  • I like to bake.  I don’t do it often anymore because of my schedule and stuff.  I do want to start again.
  • I like meeting new people.  But again, the introvert in me will typically hold back from introducing myself.
  • I don’t really eat soul food.  Shh….I know, don’t say it!!!  It’s just not my thing.  So when ya’ll be posting your holiday dinners, all I be thinking is “no, no, no, no”.
  • I love playing board games.  Our family play a few games whenever we get together.  It’s always fun and laughter.  So, if you can’t laugh, don’t come play.
  • I love school.  I’m always trying to learn something new.  Sometimes, my school be  YouTube or a customer.  I feel that if you are not growing in knowledge somehow, then you are not growing.
  • I love painting.  Just don’t ask me to do anything free hand.  That I can’t do.  I’ll leave that for my sister and niece.
  • I’m looking for someone who’s ready to plan a 30 day world cruise in the next few years.  Yes I said world, but I think most of them center around Europe and India areas.  Yes, I’ve priced them.  Yes, it’s on my bucket list, somewhere between 5-10 years. No, all 30 days will not be on the ship, it will make plenty of stops at ports of call.

These are just 10 facts about me you may have not known.  What’s something about you we may not know?  I’d love to hear your comments.


10 Facts About Me

10 Facts About Me

  1. I love school.  Thinking of going back.
  2. I enjoy spoken word.  If I could buy all the artist CDs that I meet, I would.
  3. I enjoy giving back.  It’s not always about me.  Sometimes it has to be about those in need.
  4. My circle of REAL friends is very small and it doesn’t change.
  5. I am both introvert and extrovert.
  6. I want to do a travel photo book.
  7. On my bucket list is to go to the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics.
  8. I’m an emotional writer.  Most of my poetry stem from some sort of emotion.
  9. I’m a bit old fashion when it comes to dating.  Shhh…..Don’t say nothing.
  10. Everyday I work on the fruitage of the spirit “Patience”.  I’ve always had an issue with being patient with ignorance and just plain stupid.  So, I’m working on it.

About Me!

My name is Mashawn. The first thing I want to do is tell you about myself. I currently reside in Atlanta. My full time job is for a wireless company. My passion lies in my business I run. I am a photographer and writer. Thinking about adding business seminars to the mix.

Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, traveling, football, and spending quality time with friends and family.

My photography business is called “Mickels Pixels Photography”. Creating memories to last a lifetime is one of the reasons I love photography. I believe that future generations should be able to look back and see what it was like, not just the history books or television. I photograph individuals, couples or families. I’m here for all your photo needs: weddings, events, shows, modeling, businesses, head shots.

One of the things I believe in is networking and helping each other. When I grow, we all grow. There are a lot of opportunities out there for everyone in all fields.

So that’s a taste of who I am. I’m sure you’ll learn more as time passes and the more blogs I post. I will warn you now, as a writer some of post maybe erotica. I’ll do my best to remember to put “erotica” somewhere in the subject line, so if that’s not your thing you can skip over it.

I thank you for taking the time to check me out. Please feel free to share with friends and family!