Why Share My Gratitude

I love doing gratitude challenges. I also love to share my gratitude challenges through my blog. Why?

I love doing gratitude challenges because it keeps me grounded. They help remind me of the many things I should be thankful for. The small things sometimes go unnoticed, this reminds me of those things. When I start and end my day by being thankful it makes for a better day and an even better night.

Why share the gratitude challenges on my blog? I know, I could just meditate on it, write it in my journal, but I like to do more. I know, I’m a little extra sometimes. By sharing on my blog it holds me accountable. I’m always looking for ways to make myself accountable. I also do it it in hopes of helping someone else. Sometimes we all need reminders of things we can be thankful for.

Sometimes I know things can be going all wrong in our lives. It makes it hard to be positive and thankful at times. This serves as a reminder that we should be grateful for even the small things in life.

Do you share your gratitude with others, or do you keep it private?

52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of Gratitude

The burning question you maybe asking is why am I doing this?  Why do a gratitude challenge?  It’s pretty simple, at least I think so.  Most of the time we forget to be thankful for things in our life.  So every week it is my plan to blog about something I am grateful for.  Today is rather simple.  I’m grateful for the chance to share this with you.  I’m also grateful for the new year!!!!  I’m really excited about 2017!!!!!

Please share with me what you are grateful for today.