Military school vs public school

Military school vs public school

So today was interesting. I went to a family reunion. It was in Hayneville, Al. That’s about 20-30 minutes outside of Montgomery. Anyone that knows the area know just how country it is. The reunion itself was held at Central High School. Y’all, I have not breached those school doors in almost 30 years!!!! I was in the 7th grade. We are headed to Germany.

I wanted to talk about military school vs public school and country life vs city life.

As I stated, we were at the school. It bought back some memories. While I walked the halls trying to see what I could remember I started comparing my schools. When I say I went to a lot of schools, I went to A LOT of schools. There are similarities and differences between the schools. One thing I know for sure is kids will be kids no matter where they go to school at. So there will be bullies and slackers no matter what.

One major difference is the tolerance level for misbehavior. As a military child you are a representation of the military parent. If you continue to get in trouble in school, that parent then gets in trouble too. There was no question about it, especially if the parent had to keep leaving work. Yea we had some fights, but not like I see in public schools. There is a lot more diversity in military schools. It was a culture shock to go to a school that was majority or all black. Yes I went on some school trips in both schools, but the military school seem to take better trips. How do I mean? In Germany of course we went local incountry places, but we always went out of the country.

With public schools a lot of people grow up together through the years. With military schools half of the school maybe new the next year. I may not have spent much time in one place, but I do have friendships that started in elementary school and we are still friends.

I loved going to both sets of schools. They were good in their own dinstenct way. I personally don’t favor one over the other. The experiences are so worth it on both sides.

I’d love to hear your experience.


8 Things To Be Remembered For

The question was raised, “What are 10 things you want to be remembered for?” I love that question. It causes you to re-evaluate sometimes what you’re doing or have done. So this took a bit of re programming. But here is my list.

  1. My church involement
  2. Dedication to my family
  3. My photography
  4. Giving back to the community
  5. My teaching (at church, work, home, or community)
  6. Being a good friend (I always valued myself on being a true friend)
  7. Being crafty (LOL Ya’ll know I love my crafts)
  8. My love for dolphins (Even my businesses names and logos are dolphin centered)

Those are the top 8 things I’d like to be remembered for. Those are the things I work on each and every day, week, month and year. What do YOU want to be remembered for?


DEFINITION: An intense but usually short-lived infatuation.

When we think of having a crush, we typically go back to middle and high school.  I’m sure everyone has had one at some point in time.  I never crushed on a teacher or anything, only fellow classmates.  That typically ended once I changed schools.  (Which was often as the life of a military brat.)  Take a moment and think back to your crush(es).  Was it just one, or more than one?  Why that person?  How long did that crush last?

Now I ask you, do you have a crush today?  Is it someone on your social media?  Someone you personally know?  Does that person know you have a crush on them?  Why or why not?

Yes, I have a crush right now.  No, I won’t tell you his name.  No, he doesn’t know.  Or at least I don’t think he does.  I made my best friend promise not to tell EVER. LOL  Well, I may have given it away now since I know he does take the time to read a number of my posts.  This is the only adult crush I’ve had in a long time, and I must say I’ve crushed him for a while.  From day one actually.  As of yet, he as yet to disappoint. When I see him, I do have to force myself not to get all googly moogly.  Must hide those feelings. No I don’t get all giggly like a lil’ school girl.  I just be looking, thinking, mentally seducing and writing about him.  As a writer, anyone is likely to be in a book.  Could be poetry or a short story, you never know.  How you act will depend on how you’re portrayed in either one.   So, yes, he’s in a book or two.  Don’t think he knows that either.  So we are good for now.  Too bad we stay so far apart.  I know for a lot of people it shouldn’t matter.  Most of the time it wouldn’t matter for me either.  This time though, it does matter.  Matters big time.  Matters in ways I’m not ready to discuss because he’ll know it’s him if he doesn’t already.  Sure this sounds petty, or high schoolish.  I don’t really care.  I know where I currently stand, what the deal is.  Now what the future will hold, no one knows.  In the mean time, I just keep doing what I do. Handling my business and continue being a friend.  Yes, we are friends.  Close friends, no, but good friends.

Having a crush isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s when you allow it to take over your thinking and your daily activities.  It’s a problem when you start to stalk that person.  Doesn’t matter if you’re stalking them online through social media or in person, it’s still a no go.  If they let you know they are not interested, then keep it moving.  I do believe that in due time he will know, but he should know, eventually.  In the mean time.  It’s hush hush.

I’m still a bit old fashion in a number of ways.  I refuse to chase a guy.  Nope, I won’t do it.  If he is interested then I’m going to need him to make the first move.  However, make the move right.  You come at me talking sex, you’ll get nixed right away.  If it was just sex I wanted, I could get that from the next guy.  It’s not hard to get good sex.  Pull out my little black book.  LOL Now I know ya’ll remember those little black books.  I mean, real, little black books.  You know the days before we had cell phones that stored everything for us.  Yes, those black books!

To me, having a crush or crushes is a part of growing up.  As we get older we know how to deal with those crushes.  Or at least we should know how to.

Do you have a crush?  Do they know it?  How do you deal with YOUR crush?

Being Misunderstood

It has happened to us all.  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying?”  Or “Wow, I didn’t know you liked that!”  At some point in your life you have said something similar to someone and someone has said something similar to you.  Sometimes it really is a true and honest misunderstanding, after all we are imperfect beings.  We don’t always get it right.  So the question I bring to you is: “What’s the one thing you think people misunderstand about you the most?”  I know you may have multiple answers, but share one or two.

Misunderstanding:  “You don’t talk much.”

Reality:  I don’t know you.  Or worse,  just don’t like you.  One of the two is normally the case.  Yes, I’m an introvert.  If I don’t know you, it may take a while to open up.  My friends will tell you, once I get to know you, I can be just as talkative. I’m still very shy and introverted, but that’s something I’m actively working on.  How else can I tell you about one of my businesses if I don’t talk to you about it?

Now, I may know you, may have been around you a while, and still don’t say much, there’s an easy answer.  Not to be rude or mean, I just don’t like you or don’t trust you.  You know how it is, some people just give off that vibe that you can’t trust them.  Or maybe you’re just rude and nasty.  Maybe nothing  but profanity leaves your mouth.  Or you may just be a negative person.  All those are reasons for me to stay quiet and to myself.  I pride myself at keeping the peace most of the time, but every now and then that person, decides to let the beast out and they see just how not quiet I am.

Misunderstanding: “You don’t have time to have fun. You’re all business!”

Reality: I have a lot of fun and with the right people.  Yes, I’m very busy.  I’m trying to grow a business to work that business full-time.  I have plans and goals I’m trying to reach.  So while my schedule is very tight, I make time for those closest to me.  I make time for events of business that I network with and that my friends own.  Still, sometimes I can be a workaholic I know, because even on my girls trip, while they were at the beach (I don’t really do the beach), I was practicing my photography.  I also knew I was going to become a travel agent, so I wanted some awesome pictures from the trip.  Plus they know me, I love my pictures!

There are times I have to miss events I want to attend because I have my own event or clients.  I love my clients to the moon and back, so I do everything I can to not push them back.  Yes, even if it means cutting back on my social calendar.  You know what’s awesome.  It’s when you have real, true friends that know what you’re doing, understand what you’re doing and support what you’re doing at 100%.  They don’t misunderstand that.  I love them for that.

What is something that is misunderstood about you?

Vacation Alone Or With Friends? Which Friends?

Have you ever went on a trip somewhere but hated that you went because of the people you went with? I think we all felt that way at some point.

I’m here to tell you, you can’t go everywhere with anyone. I can tell you that from experience. While I know it’s not always all about me, I know how to compromise. I love to travel, love to sight see and do new things. When I want to site see, I go with friends that want to do that too. If I want to party, I go with friends that like to party. Want to go on an writer’s retreat? I don’t take my party friends. I take other writers. Maybe you want to hit hiking trails. You don’t take friends that want mostly pamper sessions.

There is no set rules about who to take and where. I love my girls. We can go most places together because we have the same thought processes or enjoy doing a lot of the same things. However, they are not the ones I take on writing retreats or photography trips. Now if it includes readers, then that changes things.

One thing I’ve learned through all the trips I’ve taken is it’s awesome until it isn’t. I’ve been pretty fortunate for the most part because I’m so picky about who I travel with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few hours up the road, or out the country. One thing that I cherish the most about my friends, we don’t have to do EVERYTHING together when we go on vacations and trips. I for one value a lil’ me time. Yes, on my girls trip, I had some planned ‘me’ time and one unplanned ‘me’ time. That’s something that they understand about me. If you are like that be wise about your companions. We don’t mind traveling alone, but prefer not to most of the time.

No matter what you decide to do, you must know YOU and your friends. One thing about myself, I’m a very introvert person. I don’t mind talking to most people, but I find it hard to initiate a conversation with strangers. Being a business owner has helped with that somewhat, but it’s still a work in progress. Because of that, I know certain trips may not be best suited for me to take alone. One the other hand, some trips would be perfect for me to take alone. Most of my trips are taken with the girls, or my crew. “The Crew” is what people call us when they see us together because we’ve been friends for so long. I take trips with family, but those are typically different in nature. I’m single right now, so some trips would more and likely be different if was dating. So it all depends on where you’re going and what you want to do. I want you to have a grand time when you take your next trip, just ensure you enjoy it with the right people. Family, friends, or alone, the choice is yours. Just have fun!!!!!!!!

October Goals

We are in the last quarter of the year. 2017 is just about a wrap. As we begin the month and the quarter we should have goals that will push you into 2018.

For me, October is always a busy, busy month. Here are my goals and plans for Oct.

  • Get through store inventory
  • Annual Fashion Show
  • Annual physical
  • Fundraisers
  • Increase promotions
  • Complete a training course
  • Learn something new with my photography
  • Plan a Girls night out
  • Write out my 2018 goals
  • Start collecting magazines
  • Start cutting out things possibly for my vision board (By the way, who wants to have a vision board party?)

What are some of your goals for the month?

Photography Tips #3

11. How to make sure that your lenses will not knock against each other while being put inside your bag.

Camera lenses do not come very cheap these days, which is why you need to take care of them properly. To make sure that they won’t destroy each other while being put inside the bag, you can use your hiking socks for them. At least that’s what I’ve been told. All you have to do is to cut the socks into its proper sizes. Just make sure that the socks are cleaned so that your lens would not get dirt on it.

Personally, I made my bag. I’m a craft person after all. I bought a sewing machine bag we had for black Friday. Bought the cushion fiber used to make chair covers, Velcro and some material. I cut the success sizes I needed the fiber to secure my items. Covered each piece with my selected material, add three Velcro, place in bag. It’s perfect for me with wheels and all.

12. Provide yourself some time to look through the photographs that you have taken a while ago.

Checking out your work after a few weeks that you have taken them, can provide you a new feeling for the photos. Aside from that, it would also give you the opportunity to see what you did right, and what you did wrong. More importantly, even if you did really well with them, you can always use them as your guide to make improvements.

This to me is vital. I even go as far as reaching out to other photographers to see what I could have done differently to make it better or make it pop. Networking and having a mentor is important to growth in the field. I understand not everyone likes to help because they are afraid. There are many who will and do help. As you grow, don’t be afraid to help others. There is enough work for everyone!

13. How to take pictures of fast moving or unpredictable subjects.

There are times when you want to capture an image or images of subjects that are erratic or moving fast. An example of this would be your pet dog playing around the garden. To make sure that you can capture a decent picture, simply make use of your camera’s continuous shooting mode. With that, it would take a number of shots in just a second, which would give you the chance to catch a good shot.

I love this tip. I do this regularly when shooting animals and sometimes water. Sometimes I’ll use it at sporting events too. Just find what works for you.

14. What you can do to become a wedding photographer.

If you want to become a wedding photographer, you want to start it right, so that you can get more clients. Staring out right in photography means gathering more information about it. However, you should also practice more; and, one of the best ways to do that is to volunteer as one of the photographers for your friend’s or relative’s wedding celebration.

I totally agree with this. This kinda goes for anything you want to branch out into. Don’t be afraid to offer your service in order to branch out. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from others who have done or doing it well already. Always remember, be uniquely you.

15. How to make sure that you are buying the right kind of lens, especially if it expensive.

Lenses are available in different models these days. Some are big, while some are small. Keep in mind that such camera accessories are quite pricey. To make sure that you would be purchasing the right kind though, you can always rent certain types of lens for a few days first, so that you can check out their many functions and advantages, which should help you make the right purchase.

I personally haven’t rented any lenses yet, but I great many do. This is definitely something I plan to look into doing. I also caution and advise that you do some research. Ask yourself, what will you be photographing? Will it near or far? What type of conditions may I be in? Those your answers to those questions may alter your decision. What do I mean? For instance, if I want to get into food photography I won’t use the same lens that I use for landscape. Two different lenses are needed to optimize your photos.

Thanks for reading with me. How do you feel about these tips? What tips around these five topics would you advise?

My World

What’s going on in my world? How many of you that read my blog follow me elsewhere? Why do I ask? You are my followers, fans and supporters. I want to ensure you’re kept in the loop. So first, all the places I live on social media. All of my businesses have pages on Facebook. Along with my personal page.

Business Pages :

Dolphin Travel Express 🐬

Mickels Pixels Photography

Butterfly Dolphin

Books & Poetry (Dolphin Literary Works)

SBS Book CLub

Twitter: Mayoungsta

Instagram: All except Dolphin Lit have a page.

Website: (All exclusive. More on why later.

Blog: (In case you followed a link from somewhere else)

Now, you know where to find me most of the time. Let’s get to what’s going on.

Butterfly Dolphin:

This is my non-profit business. We focus on bringing awareness to various causes and illness as well as educate on various business etiquettes. Motto: “Knowledge is the key to boundless beauty.”

We are in the planning stages of preparing a few things. First we will be having our annual Breast cancer awareness fashion show on Oct. 21st. I’m very excited to be working with the models I have. We are currently accepting sponsors, vendors, door prizes, and swag bag participants. Ticket sales will start shortly both online and in person.

We are working on an event for early in the year. We are finalizing details for that. We are also planning a huge event for 2019.

Business seminars are also on the docket. We want to educate the community. Too many times people miss out on great opportunities because of simple things. The motto is each one reach one. You already know it! Volunteers, speakers, donations are welcome.

Mickels Pixels Photography:

I’ve been doing my photography for about five years now. I’m loving the progress I’m making with that. I started my photography business because I love taking pictures. I also enjoy making others feel confident in themselves. It’s what I do.  Motto: “Creating your memories to last a lifetime.”

I currently work with a lot of models, families, individuals and events. I’m in the processes of teaching out to travel photography. Why? No the question is why not?  I love to travel, so why not do travel photography?  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a minute anyway.  So that’s pretty much where I’m at with that.  Of course I have specials coming up for Oct through Dec.  So make sure you check regularly to see what they are.  Some are date specific.

Dolphin Literary Works:


Some of may not realize how much I really write.  In case you have missed it, I have 8 books that I’ve written and published.  I have that have not been published.  One of those I co-wrote with my literary husband.  Who is my Literary Husband?  None other than Nightwalker Love.  Motto: This motto is being revamped!  Possible new logo too!

My released books are:

  • A Piece of Me
  • Sexual Seduction
  • Road Of emotions
  • Seductive Pleasures
  • Lustful Passion
  • Captivated Moments
  • Tales Of a Trio
  • Best of Both Worlds

Current projects?  I’m currently working on another poetry book.  I am also venturing out to the novellas.  Working on branching out with one of my writing brands.  I have also stepped into the spoken word arena.  Still working hard at that.  As you read some of my newer pieces you may see a slight style change in the writing and some maybe a bit longer.  I will be part of an anthology that donations will go to a charity.  I’m excited about that.  It’s been a while since I’ve participated in an anthology. It is my goal to share more samples with you.  If you would like to be a beta reader, please contact me so I can add you to my beta reader group.  That is the ONLY place you will read my work ahead of everyone else.  So contact me to join.

Dolphin Travel Express:


Dolphin Travel Express is my newest venture!  I’m highly excited about this!!  Again I love to travel, so why not own a travel business?  So, yes, I’m a certified travel agent ready to take care of your travel needs.  Motto: “Your travel dreams can come true!”

I will be planning a few group trips in 2018 so be on the look out.  I’ll also be issuing some challenges as  well as doing some giveaways!  So make sure you follow my DTE pages.  I already have one giveaway posted!!!!!

So there you have it.  My business self in a nutshell.  I do have other ventures not listed here.  I also host or participate in a number of activities throughout the year.  Those will be posted on the respective pages as well. As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, I’m really excited about where I want 2018 to take me.  More information 2018 will come as we get closer to the end of the year.

SBS Book Club:


SBS stands for Sisters & Brothers with Soul.  Our book club is based in Columbus, GA.  We meet once a month to discuss various books.  We enjoy having authors visit us as well.  Motto: “Reading Beyond The Stars”

I am the Co-Owner/Founder and President of this book club.  Our VP is Veronica G. (also Co-Owner/Founder) and the treasurer is Simone M. (also Co-Owner/Founder).  The reason we started the book club was so we would have a relax and fun time discussing books that we read.  Over the years we have had a lot of authors visit us from all over the country.  It’s always a great time and you will never know what will happen at one of our meetings.

We typically stick with independent authors, but we do add in some mainstream author reading too.  We are currently about to work on our 2018 reading list.  So if you are an author and interested in visiting us please email me at ( with book and contact information.

I want to thank those that have been on this journey with me for a long time, as well as those that have just joined the journey.  There’s no need for me to name names, you know exactly who you are. My supporters, fans, family and friends, I thank you all for your continued support.  It’s now time to take it to the next level.

Who’s ready?

Red Lobster (Business Review)

Red Lobster (13th St, Columbus, GA)

I normally go here to this location. Almost always have good service. So when others recently complained, I brushed it off to the waiter/waitress having a bad day.

My mom and I went Sunday for the All you can eat shrimp. Or rather I did. It was not even that crowded when we got there so I didn’t see the problem. Let mere start of saying the food itself was delicious.

First it took forever just to get the drink order. When we did order our food, my mom asked for extra peppers. They only bought out four biscuits, which was okay because we don’t want them cold. Needless to say when my mom got got her food without the extra peppers, the waitress says that is extra. Boo, we know normal from extra. Five peppers on that order is below normal. Still we never got the peppers.

The biscuits were gone. We asked for more, which i NEVER had to do. Her reply? “They’re cooking.” 30 minutes later still no biscuits. Oh they’re still cooking.

Now, this isn’t my first time doing the All you can eat shrimp. So I know how this goes. Never have I had took WAIT to order my next one. As soon as the plate is bought out, the next one put in. She acted like that was such a problem. By then I was just ready to go. Was going to even order dessert, but didn’t feel the urge to waste my time.

My mom being the nice one still left her a tip. Me, my tip would be show better customer service. I was wanting the waitress the served the table behind us because she was engaging at all her tables. Yes I pay attention. The most interaction, other than ordering our food, was when I mentioned all the color pens she had. How sad. How disappointing.