Photography Tips 4

16. Create a homemade light box if you are trying to take pictures of your products.

If you are trying to sell certain products online and you want to take pictures of them, you should have a good light box for it, so that your pictures would really look good. A homemade light box can be made with a cardboard box and a tracing paper. With your homemade light box, you can take quality pictures of the products, which would help in selling them faster.

For me, I just got to where I want to sell my craft products, so instead of making one (due to my time restraints). I absolutely love it. I do recommend you making one or buying one for your products.

17. Lower down your camera.

In most cases, you would usually take a picture standing up. Try lowering it down for certain types of shots, so that you can also explore different angles. Checking out different perspectives would provide you with more options on how you want to go about in taking a picture of your subject. Aside from that, lowering down your camera is one of the best things to do when your subject is small.

I love doing this. This is why I made sure I got a camera with a swivel screen. Due to knee surgery I can’t bend that low. If there is a will there’s a way!!!

18. Make your hobby pay you for all your hard work.

To gain more motivation in taking beautiful pictures, one of the best things that you can do with them is to sell them on stock photography websites. These sites can expose your pictures to people who are looking for the best images for their marketing efforts. In other words, if companies find that your pictures are in good quality, and they are applicable to their products, then they would purchase it.

I haven’t personally add anything yet, but I will be. So don’t miss out.

19. Use plastic LCD screen protectors.

You need to protect your camera’s LCD screen at all times, since it is where you would check the images you captured. To achieve that, you can simply make use of LCD screen protectors for them. They can ensure that your LCD would be free from scratches and dirt. Thus, with them, you can maintain the quality of your digital camera for a longer period of time.

Very important. Let’s not forget to do that.

20. Manipulate light.

Capturing light for the picture that you are taking is considered by some as an art. To manipulate light, you need to consider the different sources of it, such as the sun, flashes, and lamps. You have to know that these different sources may also need different tools, in order to take advantage of them, such as the reflectors, diffusers, and snoots.

This one I’m still learning. Sometimes I catch certain light patterns by accident. The more I practice with the tools above the better I get. The images you can create will be awesome.


5 Weird Things I Like

5 Weird Things I Like

  1. Ice Cream and Chips….Not just any ice cream and chips, it has to be specific.  Ice creams typically include: Butter Pecan, Pralines n’ cream or Orange sherbet.  Sometimes Vanilla will work.  Chips include: Hot fries, Sweet Heat and Munchos.
  2. I like to drink the pickle juice from the pickles.  I really love the bread and chips ones.  Those are my favorite!
  3. I love working in Fabrics and Crafts.  I don’t think it’s weird, but others do because it’s such small and tedious stuff back there.  My customers make it all worth it. I enjoy interacting with most of my customers. I love hearing about their projects and when they bring pictures of the final product, I’m elated.
  4. I enjoy school.  I know most people be like “I’m done with school.”  Me, you can never know too much.  Learning keeps you growing and motivated.
  5. I enjoy unpacking after a move.  I don’t care too much for the packing part or the actual moving part (unless I hire movers), but I LOVE unpacking.  I don’t know why, but I do.  It gives me life to unpack and redecorate and figure things out.

Those are five of my weird things I like.  Is there something weird I like that I may have missed?  Share!  What about you, what’s something weird that you like? I’d love to hear from you!

“My Hobbies”

My top five hobbies!

  1. Photography.  I love photography for so many reasons.  You capture the moment in time.  I love looking back at what my parents looked like, how they dressed and everything.  I believe that our children’s’ children should be able to do the same thing.  The ease of creating a snapshot, or doing a short photo shoot is way too easy.  We shouldn’t be passing up chances to capture those memories in order to share with others and to look at in the future.  It’s great for those with memory illnesses too.  It helps with those memories.  I also like to help others build their self esteem and make them feel beautiful and confident.
  2. Reading. When you’re reading it takes me to another world.  It’s a time to read about other people’s lives and their drama.  It’s a stress relief.  Plus you learn.  I read all types of books.  Every book I think has something you can learn from the book.  Even though I maybe reading a fiction book, I still aim to take something away from it.  It keeps me sharp no matter what I’m reading.
  3. Writing Poetry.  Poetry is a serious stress releif for me.  You may not see as much right now because I’m adjusting that brand a bit.  Not to worry I’m still doing some behind the scenes writing.  Even though I maybe branching out to get into some novel writing, poetry is still my best vent avenue.
  4. Football.  Football is football!  I have always loved the sport.  Loved playing and watching.  I really love the energy some of the home team fans bring.  When you’re in the stadium, it gives me life!  That excitement just rolls through me.
  5. Traveling.  I love to see and do new things.  Being at a standstill is so out of the question.  I want to see the world and different cultures.  Being a military child I did get to see a lot of things.  Now, I want to see even more!  The excitement of a new place, new people, new things to see is just a great feeling.  When I tell you I can feel the excitement coursing through my veins when I travel, it be that serious!  When I travel, I travel to have fun.  I’m not going to be sitting in a corner mopping about.  I might go somewhere close to relax and chill but it’ll be for that purpose.  Otherwise, I’m out seeing the sites and capturing those memories.

Those are just five of my favorite hobbies.  What are your top five hobbies and why?

Business Review (Red Roof Inn)

Red Roof Inn

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Last weekend, (Nov. 3rd) we got to our hotel in Mt. Pleasant, SC. This is right outside of Charleston. For this hotel to be this close (10 miles) from the cruise port and other tourism activities, I was surprised at how awful the room was. I have NEVER been in a hotel this bad. I’m wondering what the reviewers where looking at when they rated this hotel.

We got our room, the room was FILTHY. Urine on the bathroom floor, food in the microwave, dirty table and the list goes on. Yes, the night manager moved us. He upgraded us to what was supposed to be a premium room. When we walked in we inspected the room first. Much better, but not all that great, but survivable for ONE night. It’s very obvious they did some spot cleaning. Dirty lamp like someone touched it while eating. Thick dust on the lights over the beds, hair in the towels. Then you look around and wonder “This is a premium room?” The only difference in the room was we had 1 extra pillow on each bed and supposed to have had some snacks and things that we didn’t even have.

Yes, a full refund was issued the following morning, but it shouldn’t have came to that. I’m sure we are not the only ones that arrive late in the evening/night. Who wants to go through all of that after you’ve been on the road?

While the customer service was decent, the cleaniness of the hotel overshadowed everything else. One room, okay, you missed the room. Two rooms, we have a problem. A HUGE problem.

Official Rating: ⭐

Country Life vs City Life

Last week I discussed the difference between Military (DODDS) schools and Public Schools. Today I want to talk about the difference in living a country life vs a city life, according to me anyway!!!!

I want to start off saying there is nothing wrong with either way. Just your personal preference. For me though, I’m a city girl through and through. There’s nothing country in me. Surban, I’ll take, but country just not in my DNA. I’m all about the conviences of city life. Before the questions begin, yes, I’ve lived in the country before. It wasn’t all bad. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I’ve talked to many that live in the country and they love it, wouldn’t have it any other way. I personally can’t do the one trips to the city. Living and working on the city has made life a tad bit more livable for me. Plus, y’all know me, I have to stay connected to the internet. Yes there’s some spurs in the city that may have low cell signals, but for the most you’ll get service in the city. As for the country, not so much. A lot of times it can be very spotty. In some cases you can’t even get Wi-Fi through cable. Or even cable for that matter. I don’t have time for that.

Now, every now and then (very rare) I just want all quiet around me when I get off work. Country life is great for that. However, I can be scary at times. Maybe I watch too much Criminal Minds or NCIS. I mean some priorities are pretty stretched out. I know some are close (which is where I’d be.) But if I wasn’t, who would hear me scream? Granted, even in a lot of cites they may hear you and still ignore you.

The other convenience for me is trash disposal. The way my life set up, I don’t have time or want to take the time to burn trash. That’s kinda where my bougie status kicks in a bit.

One thing I REALLY don’t care for is that almost everybody knows everybody. Everyone don’t need to know me. Yea, that can skip me too.

Like I said, nothing wrong with either, city or country life. I just personally prefer city life all the way.

What’s your choice? City or country life?

Military school vs public school

Military school vs public school

So today was interesting. I went to a family reunion. It was in Hayneville, Al. That’s about 20-30 minutes outside of Montgomery. Anyone that knows the area know just how country it is. The reunion itself was held at Central High School. Y’all, I have not breached those school doors in almost 30 years!!!! I was in the 7th grade. We are headed to Germany.

I wanted to talk about military school vs public school and country life vs city life.

As I stated, we were at the school. It bought back some memories. While I walked the halls trying to see what I could remember I started comparing my schools. When I say I went to a lot of schools, I went to A LOT of schools. There are similarities and differences between the schools. One thing I know for sure is kids will be kids no matter where they go to school at. So there will be bullies and slackers no matter what.

One major difference is the tolerance level for misbehavior. As a military child you are a representation of the military parent. If you continue to get in trouble in school, that parent then gets in trouble too. There was no question about it, especially if the parent had to keep leaving work. Yea we had some fights, but not like I see in public schools. There is a lot more diversity in military schools. It was a culture shock to go to a school that was majority or all black. Yes I went on some school trips in both schools, but the military school seem to take better trips. How do I mean? In Germany of course we went local incountry places, but we always went out of the country.

With public schools a lot of people grow up together through the years. With military schools half of the school maybe new the next year. I may not have spent much time in one place, but I do have friendships that started in elementary school and we are still friends.

I loved going to both sets of schools. They were good in their own dinstenct way. I personally don’t favor one over the other. The experiences are so worth it on both sides.

I’d love to hear your experience.

8 Things To Be Remembered For

The question was raised, “What are 10 things you want to be remembered for?” I love that question. It causes you to re-evaluate sometimes what you’re doing or have done. So this took a bit of re programming. But here is my list.

  1. My church involement
  2. Dedication to my family
  3. My photography
  4. Giving back to the community
  5. My teaching (at church, work, home, or community)
  6. Being a good friend (I always valued myself on being a true friend)
  7. Being crafty (LOL Ya’ll know I love my crafts)
  8. My love for dolphins (Even my businesses names and logos are dolphin centered)

Those are the top 8 things I’d like to be remembered for. Those are the things I work on each and every day, week, month and year. What do YOU want to be remembered for?


DEFINITION: An intense but usually short-lived infatuation.

When we think of having a crush, we typically go back to middle and high school.  I’m sure everyone has had one at some point in time.  I never crushed on a teacher or anything, only fellow classmates.  That typically ended once I changed schools.  (Which was often as the life of a military brat.)  Take a moment and think back to your crush(es).  Was it just one, or more than one?  Why that person?  How long did that crush last?

Now I ask you, do you have a crush today?  Is it someone on your social media?  Someone you personally know?  Does that person know you have a crush on them?  Why or why not?

Yes, I have a crush right now.  No, I won’t tell you his name.  No, he doesn’t know.  Or at least I don’t think he does.  I made my best friend promise not to tell EVER. LOL  Well, I may have given it away now since I know he does take the time to read a number of my posts.  This is the only adult crush I’ve had in a long time, and I must say I’ve crushed him for a while.  From day one actually.  As of yet, he as yet to disappoint. When I see him, I do have to force myself not to get all googly moogly.  Must hide those feelings. No I don’t get all giggly like a lil’ school girl.  I just be looking, thinking, mentally seducing and writing about him.  As a writer, anyone is likely to be in a book.  Could be poetry or a short story, you never know.  How you act will depend on how you’re portrayed in either one.   So, yes, he’s in a book or two.  Don’t think he knows that either.  So we are good for now.  Too bad we stay so far apart.  I know for a lot of people it shouldn’t matter.  Most of the time it wouldn’t matter for me either.  This time though, it does matter.  Matters big time.  Matters in ways I’m not ready to discuss because he’ll know it’s him if he doesn’t already.  Sure this sounds petty, or high schoolish.  I don’t really care.  I know where I currently stand, what the deal is.  Now what the future will hold, no one knows.  In the mean time, I just keep doing what I do. Handling my business and continue being a friend.  Yes, we are friends.  Close friends, no, but good friends.

Having a crush isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s when you allow it to take over your thinking and your daily activities.  It’s a problem when you start to stalk that person.  Doesn’t matter if you’re stalking them online through social media or in person, it’s still a no go.  If they let you know they are not interested, then keep it moving.  I do believe that in due time he will know, but he should know, eventually.  In the mean time.  It’s hush hush.

I’m still a bit old fashion in a number of ways.  I refuse to chase a guy.  Nope, I won’t do it.  If he is interested then I’m going to need him to make the first move.  However, make the move right.  You come at me talking sex, you’ll get nixed right away.  If it was just sex I wanted, I could get that from the next guy.  It’s not hard to get good sex.  Pull out my little black book.  LOL Now I know ya’ll remember those little black books.  I mean, real, little black books.  You know the days before we had cell phones that stored everything for us.  Yes, those black books!

To me, having a crush or crushes is a part of growing up.  As we get older we know how to deal with those crushes.  Or at least we should know how to.

Do you have a crush?  Do they know it?  How do you deal with YOUR crush?

Being Misunderstood

It has happened to us all.  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying?”  Or “Wow, I didn’t know you liked that!”  At some point in your life you have said something similar to someone and someone has said something similar to you.  Sometimes it really is a true and honest misunderstanding, after all we are imperfect beings.  We don’t always get it right.  So the question I bring to you is: “What’s the one thing you think people misunderstand about you the most?”  I know you may have multiple answers, but share one or two.

Misunderstanding:  “You don’t talk much.”

Reality:  I don’t know you.  Or worse,  just don’t like you.  One of the two is normally the case.  Yes, I’m an introvert.  If I don’t know you, it may take a while to open up.  My friends will tell you, once I get to know you, I can be just as talkative. I’m still very shy and introverted, but that’s something I’m actively working on.  How else can I tell you about one of my businesses if I don’t talk to you about it?

Now, I may know you, may have been around you a while, and still don’t say much, there’s an easy answer.  Not to be rude or mean, I just don’t like you or don’t trust you.  You know how it is, some people just give off that vibe that you can’t trust them.  Or maybe you’re just rude and nasty.  Maybe nothing  but profanity leaves your mouth.  Or you may just be a negative person.  All those are reasons for me to stay quiet and to myself.  I pride myself at keeping the peace most of the time, but every now and then that person, decides to let the beast out and they see just how not quiet I am.

Misunderstanding: “You don’t have time to have fun. You’re all business!”

Reality: I have a lot of fun and with the right people.  Yes, I’m very busy.  I’m trying to grow a business to work that business full-time.  I have plans and goals I’m trying to reach.  So while my schedule is very tight, I make time for those closest to me.  I make time for events of business that I network with and that my friends own.  Still, sometimes I can be a workaholic I know, because even on my girls trip, while they were at the beach (I don’t really do the beach), I was practicing my photography.  I also knew I was going to become a travel agent, so I wanted some awesome pictures from the trip.  Plus they know me, I love my pictures!

There are times I have to miss events I want to attend because I have my own event or clients.  I love my clients to the moon and back, so I do everything I can to not push them back.  Yes, even if it means cutting back on my social calendar.  You know what’s awesome.  It’s when you have real, true friends that know what you’re doing, understand what you’re doing and support what you’re doing at 100%.  They don’t misunderstand that.  I love them for that.

What is something that is misunderstood about you?