Stay In Your Lane

You looked at me
Then still asked
I tried to be polite
But that didn’t matter
I wanted to keep it cordial
Still that wasn’t good enough
So now I stand here
In front of you
Toe to toe
Letting you know
In no uncertain terms
Just exactly what my thoughts are
What I’m thinking
How I’m feeling
Don’t try that social distancing now
It didn’t matter before when
You decided to step to me
Please hear me
Please understand me
I don’t like you
I don’t personally care about you
So you’re feelings are hurt
Look me in my eyes
Does it seem like I care
You want to be bad
Then jump boo
Otherwise sit down somewhere
And stay in your lane

Quiet Storm © April 1, 2020

TKR 3 Months Post Op

I’m just my 3 months post op appointment last week. This journey has proved to be different than the last one. Not worse, just different. I know my doctor said each surgery is different and acts different.

One major thing that I’ve noticed at this point is that my knee is stronger than the other one was at this point. However, I did go back to work and on the second day my entire leg gave out. Still, it is not accruing like the other. So I still think that’s a plus.

My bend is also better. I’m at 118° bend. They want you to be at 120°. My other knee only reached 113°!!!! Another thing that’s better is the fact that nerve sensitivity is not nearly as bad as last time!

There are a few down points. This time I seemed to put more strain on my shoulder. It was so bad I had to do PT on my shoulder too. I also had to get some steroid pills for a little bit of inflammation on the back of my knee.

So, overall, I still think this one was better. Could have been the pre surgery exercises, more knowledge or both.

If you are having issues, don’t be afraid to address it with your Dr as soon as possible. Follow all the Dr instructions. You are not the Dr. If you are planning to have surgery and still concerned, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Most importantly, don’t compare your journey to someone else. Your body is different. You will heal differently. Suggestions are great, especially when it comes to come best practices. Ultimately your doctor will be your best resource.

I have 9 more months until I’m completely healed. I’ll definitely be back for more updates between now and then. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Photo Challenge – Sunshine

This year I decided to do a different photo challenge. Granted I started late, but it’s all good. This first week challenge is “Sunshine”.

This one was taken in South Carolina. It was a cold and sunny day.

This was another cold day. So cold I didn’t want to step outside!!!!!

Another cold morning here in South Carolina!

Hanging out in Columbus, GA.

Me Time

There are moments when you just want to be alone and unbothered. It’s those moments in life when you just need your space, peace, and quiet. Yes, I’m an introvert, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Being an introvert you just prefer to be alone or with a limited group of people on a regular basis. This is the normal for an introvert. What I’m talking about today is when you need to refresh. You could have many reasons to need to refresh. Or maybe you just need to be able to refill your cup.

I know I’ve been mentioning my recent surgery a lot, but it’s not to gain sympathy. It’s just that some things have changed. While I’m recovering, I’m also rediscovering some things about myself.

So, recently, since this last surgery, I find that I really do more time alone, or me time. So everyday, no matter what is going on, I try take at least 30 minutes or so with just quiet time. Sometimes it’ll be in prayer. Other times it be random thoughts of non serious things.

I like to remind myself and others, there is nothing wrong with sitting still and having your time. It helps keep depression away and helps you from being overwhelmed and anxious. I have this bad habit about being anxious, and that’s something I work on daily. I don’t know when it started, but I’m thinking it got worse after my first knee replacement in 2018.

I find that when you need your space, your quiet time, find a way to take it. It may mean giving something up, but that’s okay. When it comes to you and your mental health, you deserve it.

What do you do when you need to regroup?

My Why

I was recently reminded that I haven’t shared my “Why” in a while. While I wear many hats and titles, today is about why I decided to sell paparazzi jewelry.

I’ve now been selling these awesome $5 accessories for a year. My original why was to just add an additional stream of income. While I’ve been doing that, my reason for doing this has altered a bit.

Yes I still like the additional stream of income. It’s helped me out in many ways financially. However, I begin to see more. See a bigger picture. Now I want to leave a legacy for my niece and nephew. I also realized that with inexpensive and gorgeous accessories I’m able to help women boost their self confidence and to help the beauty that’s on the inside shine bright on the outside as well. To see them smile in excitement, or lift their heads a bit higher makes it all worth it.

That’s my why. I’ve included the link to my video on Facebook live to check out as well.

My Why Video

Crisis On Infinite Earth Review

“Crisis On Infinite Earth”
Part 1-5

I hope you’ve seen all five episodes of this crossover! If not, STOP 🚨🚫✋🏾!!!!!!

There’s nothing like sitting down and watching a good movie with some popcorn. Yes, that’s what this was like, watching a movie.

There were a lot of cameos in all five episodes. There were also a lot of Easter eggs thrown in. Some I caught, others I didn’t. This crossover kept you on your toes from the beginning. We have Oliver dying at the end of Supergirl, then dying again later! Man, to see someone die twice while being a hero is though.

Many surprises rang out throughout the five hour crossover. Some we were glad to see, like the Flash from the movies! That made my night there! Other surprises we could have done without, although vital, like Lex Luther. Then all the changes he made to his benefit. Of course, I personally felt some appearances didn’t really add to the crossover. My number one would be Mia, Oliver’s daughter. Sure didn’t do much but run off at the mouth, which took away from some of the scenes she was in. Yes, I know it was grief probably talking.

There were so many things to like, a few to dislike. One thing I hated was that it seemed like they had extra commercials, especially the last two hours. Maybe they should have did minimal commercials throughout.

Overall it was a great crossover. I enjoyed watching it. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Black Lighting and seeing an appearance from Star Girl.


Strengths & Weakness

I find that it’s very important to know what your strengths and your weaknesses are. By knowing this you will know what steps you need to take. It can help you in your personal and professional life.

Here are some of my weaknesses:

  • Procrastination – This is probably one of my biggest issues. I’ll find every reason to procrastinate.
  • Quick temper – Even though I still have a quick temper, I find that I have improved. I pray on this everyday.
  • Consistency – Sometimes my consistency is just as bad as my procrastination. My business coach helps a lot with this, so it’s getting better. Slowly, but surely.

Here are a few strengths:

  • Good listener – Being in a supervisor position for most of my working career has taught me to listen pretty good. Not just hear you, but, actually listen.
  • Problem Solving – Never would have thought I would be good at that, but over the years I realized I was really good at it. I have to thank retail for that.
  • Teaching – When I was younger, I thought I was going to be a teacher. As I entered the work force I then understood that there were other ways to teach. I’ve embraced those ways to help others.

Those are just a few of my weaknesses and strengths. Of course I have more, but I just wanted to share a free today.

Healing Experience

Four years ago I was still healing from the loss of my father. I was braver than I thought I could be. I performed at the Compound. The Compound have spoken word or poetry night almost every month.

I’ve always been an avid supporter of the Compound. I love going and listening to all the great poets. I would leave each time being more motivated and humbled. It never mattered what the topic was, I was enchanted and inspired.

If you have never been, you’re missing out. I wanted to get up each time, but was too scared, too nervous. I mean, these are professional spoken word artist who have been perfecting their craft for years! Here I was, couldn’t even memorize one poem and they where spitting out two and three a night. That made me content enough to enjoy watching and hearing them.

I agreed to perform before my dad passed. Who would have thought I would still have the courage to do it? What gave me the courage? My dad gave me the courage. I realized during this time that tomorrow is never promised.

With the loving support of my friends and the Compound family, I pushed through. They were surprised as much as I was that I would still do it. When I tell you I was shaking in my boots (literally), I was so afraid! I’m thankful for everyone that pushed me forward. Sometimes we just have to step out and do it. This was a great healing experience for me.

Gratitude For What You Gave

I’ve been on medical leave since mid November. Because of my surgery I was dependent on a lot of things. I’m thankful for everything everyone gave me during my hardest first three weeks.

The most important thing is everyone’s time. Time to me is very valuable. My mom, sisters and even my niece and nephew spent time catering to my needs. Then I have the friends and family that took time out of their schedules to visit me. That warmed my heart each time.

Even though their time was the most precious gift for me to be thankful for, there are other things as well. I’m thankful for the food that was bought and/or cooked. That was great since I couldn’t stand that long to do it myself. I’m also thankful for the money and gifts I received as well. Everything was so thoughtful, it is still appreciated.

Being homebound and unable to do the simple things reminds you to be thankful each and every day.