Event Review (Columbus Wears Black)

Columbus Wears Black

Compound Columbus Poetry Night

Last Saturday the Compound returned to Columbus! I must say I was excited to get my poetry fix in. Red Storm, Mr. Emotional, and Fresh Prince came to town and killed it.

This was my first time seeing Fresh Prince. I enjoyed watching him perform. I was glad I was there to finally see him. It was most definitely worth it.

Red Storm, I’ve seen once before. I could tell the people really enjoyed him! He was real and very transparent during each of his pieces. His story is raw and real.

Mr. Emotional was also a treat. I was looking forward to seeing him perform again. He really bought out the emotional side of poetry. I love his cause he spoke about to help the children.

Each of the featured artist was great and had a unique flavor that made the show rock. The local artist that participated also were really good. I always enjoy seeing them. Let’s not forget DJ Truz was in the house too!

I’m definitely glad you have the Compound back. Thank you Solow Ent. for making this happen. I’m looking forward to your next event!

Official Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


“Illicit Thoughts” 

I woke up in the middle of the night

Reached for you

Turned over expecting to see you there

To know that it wasn’t all a dream

But reality was there

All too real

You were gone

Actually had never been there

Only in my thoughts

In my dreams

Sighing I close my eyes

Bringing the images back to the fore front

Embracing the feelings

Of a time lost

Wishing to have a do over

Knowing I can’t

But really want to




Those illicit thoughts battle

Back and forth

With my conscience

Pick up the phone

Put it down

Pick it up

Put it down

Thoughts pulling

Begging for a release

Even if only temporary

Which will win this battle

Hormones or brains
Quiet Storm ⚡ © June 2017

“Standing By You”

The things I want to say

Want to do

Can’t fully be expressed by words

The hurt

The disappointment is real

You say the struggle is real

I’ll take the struggle any day

Over this indescribable feeling

Emotions that plague 

The brain

The heart

Can I just scream

Will the emotions away again

Push them to the back

Act like they’re not there


Every single day

Another chip falls off

More pain

Less caring

More heartache

Less love

Causing Steel 

Or acid to form

Making me feel more alone

Feeling alone but not lonely

Who to lean on

Where to go

No one understands

No one cares

Still here I am

Standing by you

Trying to love

Trying to care

Deep down I cry for me

While smiling for you

All because I still value you

Every day I switch roles

Step up to the plate

Simply because 

It’s not always about me

Denying myself

When in reality

I need to deny you

Time to ride solo

Time to refill my cup

To pour into me

I can no longer give to you

To pour into you

Until I’m fed and recharged

Today is your turn

Stand by me
“Quiet Storm” © June 2017


​Alone I feel

Know I’m not physically alone

But no one hears me

Understands me

Sure the words are spoken

I got you

I understand

I’m here for you

I heard them all

Just don’t fully believe it

Quietly I sit alone

Shedding tears

Tears of pain

Tears of sorrow

Tears of anger

No body knows

Nobody sees them

They’re dry before the phone rings

Before punching the clock

Before the meetings start

After making another day

Another dollar

Another smile

I sit alone again

Wondering what’s going

What’s real

Screaming with no words

Shivering but not cold

Calling the one person that can help

Help solve this mystery

Help find a peace never discovered

Can’t move from this spot

Scared I’ll fall

Fall down the rabbit hole

Unable to climb out

Losing the battle between

Fantasy and reality

I’ll sit here for now

Wait for the pain to dissipate

For the sadness too slowly ebb away

For the anger to subside

Then I will

Yes I will rise again
Quiet Storm © September 2016




Use your imagination

Pretend it never happened

Like you never touched me

Put your hands on me

Told me you loved me

Then put fist to eye

Lied to me

Telling me it’s all love


Let’s pretend

That yesterday didn’t happen

Like my eye isn’t black and swollen

Like my rib isn’t broken

Sure no problem

We can pretend

I didn’t cry myself to sleep

Like I’m not afraid of you


I can use my imagination

Act like you are my love

That things haven’t changed

Pretend my feeling for you

Are still all the same


No problem at all

Let’s go ahead and pretend

Pretend like nothing has changed

Everything is all good

Sure no problem




You made the decision

To lay your hands on me

To cause me harm

To put your fist to my eye

Then say you love me

I’m done pretending

I’m finished pretending

I will not ignore this

Will not pretend

Will not fake it

Act like it didn’t happen

Will not pretend


Quiet Storm (C) Aug. 2014


Use to be friends

Was down for you

Down like 2 flat tires

Loyal to a fault

Yes I know

That’s my problem

Didn’t see the signs

Always made excuses for you

Blind to the colors of the rainbow

That you shed

Until you stabbed me

Not in the back

But front and center

In the chest

Once upon a time

I would have cried

Asked why


I pull the knife out


Ask was it supposed to hurt

Deep down I knew

Knew that your true colors are

Knew who you really are

What you thought

Would cripple me

Leave me helpless

Left me better off

Better than I was

Before we developed

This so-called friendship


Yes you

Made the decision

To end this friendship

I’m accepting that loss

Moving on


Quiet Storm (C) July 2016

“Love Affair”

I tried not to love you

Knew we could never be

Knew it would never be just you and me

We’ll always be unfinished business

Still I fell for you

I feel you deep inside my heart

All in my body

As if you’re part of my DNA

Tried to deny it

Knowing this isn’t the 3 strand cord I was looking for

Still every time I see you

I get giddy all over

Yet I know this love affair

This unfinished business

Won’t last

It isn’t meant to be

Not supposed to last

As much as I want you

Crave to be next to you

You’re not on the market

Not available to make you mine

You belong to someone else

This love affair

Beautiful as it is

This love affair is illicit 

This love affair is forbidden

Quiet Storm (C) July 2016

Raw Emotions

Raw emotions
Feelings I can’t express
Can’t voice
Can’t find the words for
Have my mind discombobulated
Brain not functioning
Left or right
Don’t know which way to go
A brand new level of pain
One in which I have yet to conceive
To understand
To properly formulate thoughts and words
I may look like I’m okay to some
But really
I’m confused
I know the truth about death
I understand it
Even know it’s a processes
A part of debt that imperfection requires
Trying to use my grief for a pathway
For something positive
Turn this negative
Into a positive
To see the light
Instead of the darkness
Because this is who I am
Who he raised me to be
And this is who I will always strive to be
Not just today
Right now
But everyday
Yes it caused a detour in world
However detours still get you to your destination
Yes I’ll remember that moment
The one moment that altered my universe forever
But I’ll also remember the many other moments
The ones that made my world
What it is today
Tears will flow
Cries will be heard
Anger will be felt
A sad happiness will be present
Still I will rise
I’m a woman
A strong woman
And I’ll rise
Because I rock

Quiet Storm © January 2016


Yes, You Could Just Go Home (Erotica)


Yes you could




Picture this will you

My soft hands

Wrapped around your shaft

Massaging it

As I kiss you thoroughly

Picture this

Those same luscious lips

Lingering around the tip

The top of your hardness

Can you picture this

The warmth

The velvety feel of the tongue

As it licks you

Up and down your cock

Just one more picture

That tightness in the cat

The wetness

The clenching around you

Can you see that

Picture that

Or you





Quiet Storm (C) Feb. 2014

This piece is taken from my book “Captivated Moments”.  Go to Kindle and download your copy today!!!!!!!!

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