15 Facts About Me

Today I want to share some information or facts about me. If you know me, some stuff you may already know, others, you may not know yet. So let’s get started!

1. I’m a full fledged Dallas Cowboys fan. I don’t want to hear the mess. I’m all over it. You won’t change my mind.

2. I absolutely love to travel. I actually have a pretty long bucket list for traveling. Yes, I’m ready for Covid to be gone so I can get back to that bucket list.

3. Another absolute is the fact that I love to read. I can pretty much read a almost any genre. I’ve even jumped into some foreign language books. Yes they were translated.

4. Soul food…most of it is not my thing. Yea, I eat chicken, but a lot of things, most people eat on Thanksgiving I won’t eat. Why? It’s just one of those things.

5. I found that my taste buds have changed drastically over the last few years. One thing is the fact that I have never ever liked ginger ale in any brand. Now, I almost prefer that over my favorites, Sunkist or Fanta orange.

6. Most of the time I’m not a crier. Normally if cry then I’m ready to fight someone. Well now since I’ve had Covid, some things have changed. I find myself just crying at random times. I don’t be mad or depressed, I just start crying. It’s the craziest thing. That hormone imbalance sucks.

7. I absolutely love building my family tree. It actually excites me when I find connections in the family. Will I meet everyone, probably not. Will I contact everyone, probably not. I’m excited to see how far back I can go. Who wants to help? Taking all offers and tips.

8. Most people close to me know I love photography. I’ve been taking pictures since I was in middle school. I have most of my first pictures from Germany. That’s where it really began. I believe future generations would enjoy seeing more than just hearing about the past.

9. Call me crazy, but I like to see an actual surgery of any surgery I’m about to undergo. I’ve had 5 surgeries and I took the time to watch each surgery before hand. I just like to see how it’s done.

10. I don’t like shopping at all. Shopping for gadgets is decent enough, but I try to avoid that too. With my gadgets I did all my research and then just go buy. With everything else I hope it can just be ordered online. Even better if I can get it delivered.

11. Don’t hate me for this next one. I’ve never wanted to physically have a kid. Like, actually going through the pregnancy part. However, I wouldn’t have minded adopting one. I love kids, just didn’t want to carry one. If I had got pregnant I would have had it, but I was never trying to have one.

12. I love to teach and train. At one point in middle school and early in high school I thought I was going to be a teacher one day. That didn’t happen. I fell in love with with accounting and took that instead. Now, Wal-Mart has provided the opportunity to both teach and train in various supervisor roles throughout the years. That’s one thing I always tried to pride myself in regardless of what others thought.

13. I absolutely love watching a storm. I don’t want to be in it or see others hurt in a storm. To sit and watch a storm rage gives me life anytime I can relax and watch it.

14. I hate laziness. It’s okay to have lazy moments, but to just be lazy all the time is not cool. I understand we get tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed at times. We will have those moments. We still have to push through. If you want something, work for it. Don’t try to take the lazy way out. Work for it.

15. I like to collect books, pens and movies. My family think I collect everything. That’s false. I absolutely love books, pens (I write) and movies.

Those are just 15 random facts about me. How many of those facts did you know about me?

Strengths & Weakness

I find that it’s very important to know what your strengths and your weaknesses are. By knowing this you will know what steps you need to take. It can help you in your personal and professional life.

Here are some of my weaknesses:

  • Procrastination – This is probably one of my biggest issues. I’ll find every reason to procrastinate.
  • Quick temper – Even though I still have a quick temper, I find that I have improved. I pray on this everyday.
  • Consistency – Sometimes my consistency is just as bad as my procrastination. My business coach helps a lot with this, so it’s getting better. Slowly, but surely.

Here are a few strengths:

  • Good listener – Being in a supervisor position for most of my working career has taught me to listen pretty good. Not just hear you, but, actually listen.
  • Problem Solving – Never would have thought I would be good at that, but over the years I realized I was really good at it. I have to thank retail for that.
  • Teaching – When I was younger, I thought I was going to be a teacher. As I entered the work force I then understood that there were other ways to teach. I’ve embraced those ways to help others.

Those are just a few of my weaknesses and strengths. Of course I have more, but I just wanted to share a free today.

10 Favorite Things

Today I want to share 10 of my favorite things that I enjoy in life. My first list of the year.

  • Movies – I love watching movies. Mostly action movies.
  • Gummy Bears – Don’t judge me! I’ve cut back, but I try to keep at least one pack in the house.
  • Football – I’ve loved football since I was in Germany. Think I was in middle school when I started watching, but fell in love with it later in high school.
  • Dance videos – No, I’m not a dancer, but I enjoy watching those that do. It gives me life. I might attempt the easier routines or try the ones made for exercise. (I.e. Zumba is one example)
  • Site Seeing – It doesn’t matter where I go, I can almost find something to go see. I will even tour my own city like a tourist. You’ll be amazed at what you find. Try it!
  • Writing – I don’t write as much, but I’m getting back to my love. Poetry is one of top things to write followed by blogging.
  • Spoken Word – A good show is always good for the mind and body. It’s always a joy just to listen to all that raw talent.
  • Reading – This is another thing I’m trying to build back up. A good book can be read in a day or two.
  • Jewelry – I’ve always loved picking up a cute accessory, especially earrings and rings. Now that I see it, I’m falling in love with a lot more styles and colors. Let me go place an order! 😁
  • Photography – I’ve been in love with taking pictures since middle school. Yep, Germany again. How can you not like taking pictures in such a pretty country.

  • There’s my random list of 10 Favorite Things!

    Unique Quirks

    I was recently talking to my mom about irrational fears. We had a good laugh. However, irrational fears are very real. We also discussed some of our unique quirks. Now this really had us cracking up. Even though we laughed, both of these are very real. For some it can cause issues or complications in their daily life. While for some it’s just ingrained in who they are.

    Here are some 5 of my quirks:

    • When watching tv the volume has to be on an even number. For my TV it’s normally 8 or 10. If it doesn’t have numbers then I’m okay.
    • When wearing sucks, the seam on the toes have to be straight.
    • Speaking of socks, or ace wraps, they either need to full feet in or away from my toes.
    • Movies…if I start buying a series, then I must complete the entire collection, even if it starts to get boring.
    • When reading, I like to have a movie on. If the book is good, chances are I won’t know anything about it, but I need it to help me focus.

    What are some unique quirks you have?

    Fun Games & Apps

    When we talk about apps we typically always discuss those that beneficial and help us with our day to day life. We rarely talk about the fun ones that we use to waste time.

    We all have apps (if you have a smart phone) that may not always be productive for us, but a lot of time they are fun time wasters.

    Here are a few of my apps:

    • Cooking Diary
    • Paint by Number
    • Wish (I don’t buy much at the moment, but always adding to my list)
    • YouTube…this can be productive is used correctly, but one can get caught up waiting time too.
    • Social Media… While FB, IG, Twitter and other platforms can be useful, if you’re not careful you’ll waste a ton of time.
    • VUDU
    • Netflix
    • Disney+
    • Kindle (the reader in me)

    What are some apps you use that are time wasters?

    Winter Must Haves

    Winter and colder weather is approaching. For some it has been there for a little while. Some love winter some hate it. Me personally, I love it! What are some must haves make the season bearable?

    Here’s my list:

    • Hot chocolate with marshmallows
    • Gloves
    • Furry house shoes
    • Heated blanket
    • Heated seats in my car
    • Chapstick
    • Remote starter to warm up my car
    • Netflix so I can binge on those really cold days

    What’s on your must have list for winter?

    10 Currently Most Used Apps

    In this day and age there are not many people who don’t use apps for one thing or another. In the event you have been hiding under a rock, don’t like technology, or from so in the future that it’s no longer relevant, here’s the definition of “app”.

    APP: “an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

    Apps can be used for so many things for personal and business use. You have apps to help you manage your time, keep you organized, help relax you and many, many other uses.

    While apps can be very beneficial, they can also prove to be unproductive if you’re not careful.

    Today I want to share with you 10 apps that I use regularly.

    10 of my most used apps:

    • Paparazzi Accessories… I sell paparazzi so of course I would use this one all the time!
    • Facebook… I use FB for personal and business use on a daily basis.
    • Colornote… I love this note app. I use it almost daily to jot down all kinds of things. They also have a privacy feature if you need it.
    • Cinchshare…I use this daily to schedule my posts across multiple platforms. They also have training and a host of other great information.
    • Fitbit… I keep track of my steps and sleeping habits. I also enjoy a good challenge between family and friends.
    • YouTube…I always use this for personal and business needs. Great for trainings, how tos, and just general fun.
    • Gallery… The photographer in me use this daily. I use this for all of my business and personal needs. Nothing like a great photo!
    • Wal-Mart Grocery… Yes I work at Wal-Mart. Yes I love using the grocery pickup. It’s so convenient and easy to use.
    • Square… This is used for business for invoices and payments.
    • Kindle… The reader in me use this almost daily.

    That’s my top 10 list of apps I use most. What are some of the apps you use most?

    My Favorite Restaurants

    I love to try new restaurants. This is especially true when I travel. When I’m out of town, I try not to go anywhere that I have at home. Even a quick on the meal, I try to make it somewhere new. Every now and then I’ll hit something I know. Those moments are typically when I’ve had a long day and need to know for sure that my food will be good. I’m going to share some of my favorite places to eat. Some of them or major chains, others are not.

    • Burger Bar — Roy, Utah — I feel in love with this spot from the very first time my best friend took me there. The burgers are great, the shakes are the best. So, now every time I go visit, they know we need to make a stop there. This was on Diners, Dives and Drive Ins too.
    • The Black Sheep — Richmond, VA — A co-worker and I went there after seeing it on TV. Their sub sandwiches are named after actual US Navy Submarines!! They were not only delicious and worth the two hour drive, but they are HUGE!!!!!! We had enough for left over for two meals. They have other foods, but we never made it back to try them. So if you have, please share your thoughts on this.
    • In & Out — The first and only time I had this was around midnight after flying in to Salt Lake City. Yes, there are some closer, but I was visiting and like the awesome friends I have, he took me there. Don’t ask me how to order what I had, but OMG is the only thing I can say. No other words needed. Will be looking for this one as I make my up coming travels.
    • This Is It — Mainly Atlanta — My friend in Atlanta took me here when I was there for a travel conference. At first I was hesitant and wasn’t sure how I would like it. After getting my food and taking a bite, I was on the highway to heaven. I think I ordered ribs with sides of course and some banana pudding. I think that banana pudding must have been made from scratch. Can’t wait to go again.
    • Altobeli’s Restaurant and Piano Bar — Johns Creek, GA (near Alpharetta) — I found this when I was in the area for a job interview. I love this Italian restaurant. It’s quiet and the food is delicious. I haven’t been able to check out their live music yet, but hopefully I will soon. If you have, share your thoughts please. I’m glad I stumbled up on this little spot. Looking for date night? This is a good place to go if you like Italian.
    • Famous Daves — I first went to this restaurant in Alexandria, VA. I love their dishes. I think I fell in love with the pull pork nachos!! OMG! This had my taste buds running over. The ribs are good too, but their sausage is awesome.
    • Chipole – I also first tried this in Alexandria, VA. At first when mutt co worker mentioned it, I was like “I don’t know”. I’ve never cared much for burritos because I felt like the wraps were too much. Then he told how big they were. I really was hesitant then until he told me I could get it in a bowl! Since then, I’ve been hooked!!!
    • Maggiano’s Little Italy – I forest tried this one in Jacksonville, FL. I love Italian restaurants. This one was right in the shopping area I was at, so that was perfect. I enjoyed not just the food, but also tinge atmosphere. It even tasted good as a leftover!!

    What’s some of your favorite restaurants? Where is it located if it’s not a major chain?

    “Girl Power” Playlist

    The other day I found that I needed a “Girl Power” playlist.  I went looking for an already made list and to my disappointment only found one on Pandora radio (which was pretty sad because it was break up songs) and the other was Disney (had a few good songs but it focused on the movie or show).  So I set about to create my own list.  I did have some help from some of my awesome FB friends.  So here’s my list.

    • “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato
    • “Jumpin’ Jumpin” by Destiny’s Child
    • “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child (because so many still love the song)
    • “Boss” by Fifth Harmony
    • “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj
    • “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift
    • “Rude Boy” by Rihanna
    • “Conceited” Remy Ma
    • “Whateva” by Rema Ma
    • “I’m Real” by J Lo
    • “Who’s That Girl” by Eve
    • “I’m Better” by Missy Elliott
    • “Eve” by Eve
    • “You Had Me, You Lost Me” by Eve
    • “She bad Bad” by Eve
    • “Make It Out This Town” by Eve
    • “Grind Or Die” by Eve
    • “Zero Below” by Eve
    • “Empire State Of Mind” by Jay Z & Alicia Keys
    • “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys
    • “Roar” by Katy Perry
    • “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry
    • “Broken Glass” by Rachel Platten
    • “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten
    • “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten
    • “Who Says” by Selena Gomez
    • “Ladies Night” by Lil’ Kim
    • “Look But Don’t Touch” by Empire Cast
    • “Just Stand Up!” by Artist Stand Up To Cancer

    Those are the songs currently on my “Girl Power” playlist.  Do you have others that should be added?  I’d like to know!