My Why

I was recently reminded that I haven’t shared my “Why” in a while. While I wear many hats and titles, today is about why I decided to sell paparazzi jewelry.

I’ve now been selling these awesome $5 accessories for a year. My original why was to just add an additional stream of income. While I’ve been doing that, my reason for doing this has altered a bit.

Yes I still like the additional stream of income. It’s helped me out in many ways financially. However, I begin to see more. See a bigger picture. Now I want to leave a legacy for my niece and nephew. I also realized that with inexpensive and gorgeous accessories I’m able to help women boost their self confidence and to help the beauty that’s on the inside shine bright on the outside as well. To see them smile in excitement, or lift their heads a bit higher makes it all worth it.

That’s my why. I’ve included the link to my video on Facebook live to check out as well.

My Why Video

Business Review (Jack Houghston Memorial Hospital)

Business Review

Jack Houghston Memorial Hospital

Phenix City, AL

This iwrs my third time using this hospital for three surgeries. This was one of my best visits. I was there for a total knee replacement. This was my first time having an afternoon appointment. The atmosphere was much friendlier. Even though hospitals can be stressful and no-one is perfect, I was pleasantly surprised by 90% of the staff. They were even friendly to my family.

Things that disappointed or irritated me last year didn’t happen at all this year. That I was very grateful for.

I think my biggest two issues were I had to remind the day nurse I needed a pain pill and how long it took her to come and discharge me. Took her almost three hours to get back to my room and she was still missing stuff.

Overall my day and half experience was pretty good. Even the food was decent!!


Gifting Jewelry

Now is the time to get ready for the holidays. Maybe you’re planning to go to a few parties. Or maybe you are gift shopping. Paparazzi $5 accessories make great gifts and stocking stuffers. I want to show you a few of the pieces. This month as a special thank you, if you order 7 pieces ($35) you’ll receive a special gift! How awesome is that?!?!?

Before I show you some of the pieces I want you to have my website and email address. If you are on FB you can find me there as well. If you’d like to host a FB Party we can schedule that to help you earn free accessories!!! When ordering from the site, paparazzi will ship directly to your front door!








RSVP Etiquette Refresher

Do you know what the RSVP etiquette is? Do you RSVP properly? Over the last few years I’ve noticed some things that were a bit disturbing. You make plans to do something, then you either don’t show up and/or you don’t let the other person know. Or worse, you show up and didn’t tell them you would make it.

Do you know why people send invites and request you to RSVP? Or to reserve your spot? It’s actually quite simple. It’s the head count for whatever event they are holding. When you say “Yes I’ll be there.” you are counted for many things. Could be for food, workbooks, giveaways, or just seating.

I’m a very firm believer of letting your yes mean yes, not your yes mean no. You don’t understand how that reflects on your brand and your business if you were a business owner. Your brand is not just for business, but for your personal life too. You are your brand. When you make plans to do something with and/or for someone, you should follow through. Can you imagine being invited to a closed and private event one of our former presidents held? Or the owner of a huge Fortune 500 company? A great moment right? Of course it is! Guess what!? You didn’t RSVP stating you were coming. Because of that you were not on the list and could not attend. Heartbreaking! Maybe you took a friend with you thinking it would be okay, now you have to make a choice, go in without your friend or not attend at all.

There’s nothing worse then doing business or planning events around people that think it’s okay RSVP and not show or to not RSVP and show up. Yes, I understand completely that there are unforeseen occurrences that may befall us. Those are understandable. However, let’s take a moment and discuss something that you have no control over verses those that you do have control over.

Something you may not have control over is a health issue, your job, in some cases the weather. Things that YOU control would be double booking events, not using your calender or want to do something else.

When you give your word, do everything in your power to keep your word. If you RSVP yes and can’t go, let them know. If you don’t RSVP or RSVP no, than realize you can make it, let your host know. If you are bringing a guest inform your host to make sure it’s okay. It’s that simple.

What are your best practices with RSVP? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


“MM Butterfly Jewelry”. Who is what? What do you do?? Why do you do it?? All valid questions.

I’m an independent consultant with Paparazzi. We sell $5 accessories.”MM Butterfly Jewelry” is the name of my business. I encourage you to “let your inner and outer beauty shine” with our awesome pieces.

The jewelry/accessories are extremely awesome for only $5 a piece! Once you start it’ll be hard to stop! Trust me, I know from experience.

How gorgeous is this set?!?! Yes the earrings come with it. That is one of our new fall blockbuster pieces!!! That’s not all!!! Our new men’s line is absolutely fire!!!!

Yes that’s a men’s ring! Only $5. It’s awesome pieces that attracted to paparazzi. Now I’m an independent consultant. Why go from customer to consultant?

First I love being an entrepreneur. Second, after I might surgery I wanted to find a direct sales company that really sparked. After some research I decided to move forward and sign up. Almost a year later, I’m glad I did. Of course I enjoy making the money. What I found I needed more was the connections.

My doctor said I was slightly depressed following my surgery last September. Selling jewelry has reignited a creative passion I pushed aside. I also have met some amazing and inspiring people in this journey. While I may not be that six figure chick YET, I have been able to accomplish a lot of things.

What has this business done for me?

  • Paid doctor bills
  • Paid class reunion fees
  • Restart my savings
  • Bought lunches and dinners
  • Created many tax write offs for this tax season
  • Pushes me to be a little less introverted

And this is just the beginning. Can you picture going to urgent care of the ER being able to pay your co pays with what you made the last few days and not touch your paycheck you just got. That’s me.

I absolutely love this business! I would love to have you as a customer or a team member. Let me know how I can help.

Did I mention these gorgeous pieces make great gifts and stocking stuffers!!!!!!!!!!! Ordering from the website, it ships directly to you!!!

Event Review (Columbus Wears Black)

Columbus Wears Black

Compound Columbus Poetry Night

Last Saturday the Compound returned to Columbus! I must say I was excited to get my poetry fix in. Red Storm, Mr. Emotional, and Fresh Prince came to town and killed it.

This was my first time seeing Fresh Prince. I enjoyed watching him perform. I was glad I was there to finally see him. It was most definitely worth it.

Red Storm, I’ve seen once before. I could tell the people really enjoyed him! He was real and very transparent during each of his pieces. His story is raw and real.

Mr. Emotional was also a treat. I was looking forward to seeing him perform again. He really bought out the emotional side of poetry. I love his cause he spoke about to help the children.

Each of the featured artist was great and had a unique flavor that made the show rock. The local artist that participated also were really good. I always enjoy seeing them. Let’s not forget DJ Truz was in the house too!

I’m definitely glad you have the Compound back. Thank you Solow Ent. for making this happen. I’m looking forward to your next event!

Official Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Business Review (Beyond Spa)



I finally did it! Got my first ever professional massage!!!!

This spa was everything and then some!!! We, my best friend and I, for the BFF special.

From the time we walked in the door we received exceptional service until we left. Even when I couldn’t get out of the extra comfortable chairs (due to a recent knee surgery).

Most businesses in general have you fill out paperwork in the lobby. Not there. After pulling up our appointments, she got our paperwork together, placed hot neck pads on us and walked us to this calm quiet dim waiting area. The waiting area had cucumber water, pretzels and apples. We received nice hot foot soaks while waiting. I would have been just fine sitting there. LOL

Our therapists was great. My friend received a deep tissue massage, I just got a relaxing one. Once the massage was complete we were taken to another calming waiting area before our pedicures. This was the first time I’ve ever had frozen grapes. Delicious I tell you!!

The service was wonderful. The snacks were good. Kept sliding in my flip flops, but it was totally worth it. Will I go again when I visit Utah again, most definitely!

COMFORT: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Business Review (JetBlue)

This week I flew JetBlue out of Atlanta to Salt Lake City with a layover in Orlando.

The crew was awesome. Great special assistance service. Easy online check in process. Everyone was very helpful. Not just with me, but I watched the interaction with others too. I appreciated the customer service all the way round. The pilots were great too.

While the flight itself was good, I guess my expectations were a bit too high. When I pay for extra leg room, I kinda expected the seats to be more comfortable too. Otherwise it still made for a cramped trip. This was also the first time I’ve been on a flight that charged for blankets. Maybe it’s across the board now, but to be nickel and dimed isn’t a good thing. That’s in any business. The only other concern I had was the fact that I didn’t hear the information on the date change. If I hadn’t looked at the app or email, I don’t think I would have known. The airport had a sign, but it didn’t have my flight.

Other than that, I enjoyed the flights. Will I fly them again? I won’t say no, simply because they are definitely not the worst. I’ll try to avoid long flights with them for sure.

Comfort: ⭐⭐
Cleanliness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer Service: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

How To Be A Good Manager

I’ve been in the workforce for almost 25 years.  During that time I’ve learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of being a supervisor/manager.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be perfect or know it all.  Most people who are mangers/supervisors really don’t know how to be a manger. Not saying they can’t, but with some training they can excel if you take the time to cultivate and hone those skills. I love being a supervisor/manager as well as running my own business.  The things we learn along the way are many.

First I want to list a few things every manager/supervisor should be doing on a daily basis in order to be successful.

  1. Motivate your employees.  There is nothing worse than the lack of proper motivation to help your employees move and grow within the company.  Listen to them and respect their values.
  2. Make your people feel good.  There is nothing wrong with finding out their strengths and applauding them every now and then for it.  Stop being selfish!
  3. Take the time to tell your employees how much you appreciate them from time to time.  It doesn’t make you look weak.  It makes them want to do a great job for you.  Whatever you do, don’t give a compliment and take it away all in the same sentence.  Example: “You did a great job handling that situation, but I need you to stop staying so late.”  Give the compliment and let it go.
  4. Set goals and make sure everyone understands what is expected.  Nothing worse than assuming you know what is expected.
  5. Offer goal oriented feedback.  Use constructive criticism when giving feedback.  Don’t be nasty about it, just talk to the employee and give proper feedback.
  6. Delegate.  Nope that doesn’t mean dump everything you don’t want to do on someone.  Instead delegate to build on strengths, and build on weaknesses while helping them to do their job/task better on a daily basis.  Remember it’s not the task that most people fear, it’s completing it to standard and on time.
  7. Work with your employees on time-management.  Not everyone knows how to time manage, instead of adding, fussing and complaining sit down and find out what’s going on so you’ll be on the same page.
  8. Assume responsibility for mistakes.  I get that some mistakes are unacceptable.  Other times, accept it and teach and train so it doesn’t happen again.  When YOU as a manager/supervisor makes a mistake, ACCEPT IT!!!!  Stop making excuses and trying to blame it on your employees.  It’s the quickest way for your employees to resent you.
  9. Communicate with your employees.  Stop acting like you are unapproachable, like you are above them or better than them.  You will not succeed without the help of your people.  If you could, guess what, you wouldn’t have any.  So communicate with them with respect.
  10. Respect for the individual.  Yes, RESPECT.  Stop expecting your employees to respect you when you show absolutely no respect to them.  There’s a difference between them respecting YOU and them respecting the POSITION.  You would rather them respect you.  If they respect you, them respecting the position is automatic and you’ll get more done and even better quality.

These are just ten of the things we as supervisors/managers need to do daily. When we become mangers/supervisors we are in a position to inspire and build.  Those that do well and succeed at it know and understand this. When you start your business, go for that promotion, remember what it was like before you got there, before you started that business. 

What other productive tips do you have?