10 Favorite Things

Today I want to share 10 of my favorite things that I enjoy in life. My first list of the year.

  • Movies – I love watching movies. Mostly action movies.
  • Gummy Bears – Don’t judge me! I’ve cut back, but I try to keep at least one pack in the house.
  • Football – I’ve loved football since I was in Germany. Think I was in middle school when I started watching, but fell in love with it later in high school.
  • Dance videos – No, I’m not a dancer, but I enjoy watching those that do. It gives me life. I might attempt the easier routines or try the ones made for exercise. (I.e. Zumba is one example)
  • Site Seeing – It doesn’t matter where I go, I can almost find something to go see. I will even tour my own city like a tourist. You’ll be amazed at what you find. Try it!
  • Writing – I don’t write as much, but I’m getting back to my love. Poetry is one of top things to write followed by blogging.
  • Spoken Word – A good show is always good for the mind and body. It’s always a joy just to listen to all that raw talent.
  • Reading – This is another thing I’m trying to build back up. A good book can be read in a day or two.
  • Jewelry – I’ve always loved picking up a cute accessory, especially earrings and rings. Now that I see it, I’m falling in love with a lot more styles and colors. Let me go place an order! 😁
  • Photography – I’ve been in love with taking pictures since middle school. Yep, Germany again. How can you not like taking pictures in such a pretty country.

  • There’s my random list of 10 Favorite Things!

    2 Months Post Op TKR

    I’ve reached my two month post op. I saw my doctor this week. I was pretty pleased with the visit. It was a short visit too. That made it even better.

    I did address two issues, the pain in the back of my knee and still not sleeping through the night. I did get a few good nights, then it was back to about two hours. Y’all, when he pressed on my knee where it hurt, I almost jumped out the chair!!! I wanted to scream so bad. I didn’t though. He did give me some exercises to do and some steroids. I had to see my doctor about the sleeping issue. That was my plan anyway.

    I do feel that I’m getting stronger. It was easier to get in my jeep. It was also easier going down the steps at my apartment today. So both of those are plusses. I was supposed to be done with PT, but he sent in a few more weeks because I was concerned about my strength with the stairs.

    When I visited my general doctor the following day about my shoulder pain, he gave me something for sleep. Yea, it’s not working. I may have too many meds in my system too. Time to flush my system a little. When he looked at my shoulder he said I have a strained rotator cuff. Yep, more PT. I’m assuming it came from me pushing up with that arm during the healing process.

    I have about another month to build my energy level back up before going back to work. So I’ll start a walking program. Overall pretty good progress.

    Where are you in your healing progress?

    I’m Thankful For My Dad

    It’s been four years since my dad passed. I’m thankful for the strength I gained and learned from my dad and during the years since he passed.

    My dad was the type of man that always made sure home was taken care of. We always had the things we needed and most of the things we wanted. Even as we grew into adults, he still made sure we didn’t want for anything. I’m thankful for that lesson he taught us. That’s a standard that’s always been high with my sisters and I. Dad showed us what a man of the house was supposed to do. Yes, my mom worked after we were in school, but my dad still made sure she was taken care of, even after they separated.

    Even though we didn’t always get along, we created some great memories over the years. It’s those memories that I’m able to carry with me today. I’ll always be eternally grateful for those memories we were able to create from childhood on. Even as I write this I’m remembering some things that always make me smile.

    Yes I’m sad that my dad is gone. There’s nothing that can change that. However, I can smile because I know he’s not hurting anymore. I also know that he gave us what he could to ensure we could celebrate him. He gave us memories to carry with us each and every day. He gave us memories to help us smile when we think of him. For that I must express my gratitude.

    Daddy I thank you for everything you did for us.

    “The Masked Singer” Review

    “The Masked Singer”


    I finally watched this show on Fox. I binged both seasons. I must say I was impressed with show.

    A show where already famous people are masked and sing! The singer with the lowest votes is then unmasked. The judges are given clues each week to the identity of the singers.

    One of the things I really liked about this show is they didn’t make it easy to guess who they are. Watching two seasons I only guessed three people! The host, Nick Cannon, doesn’t even know who they are. I also like the fact that he can’t officially guess who it is.

    It was a great cast of judges and guest judges who were having fun. Nick is a great host, slightly predictable, but good. It’s definitely worth the time to watch. I’m looking forward to season three, which starts after the Superbowl.


    My Tribulation That Made Me Stronger

    What tribulation have I gone through that has made me stronger and the person I am today? At first I really had to think about it. Then I realized that there is more than one, but one situation keeps coming to the forefront.

    One thing that has made me stronger is when I was a manager in Virginia. Being in Virginia taught me so much. As a manger I learned a lot in all my stores. Each store was a special experience.

    However, Virginia, that was a whole different ball park for a number of reasons. I love my family, so I was always driving distance away. Not a twelve hour drive. So that was new. But having made a great friend that worked with me helped a lot. That in itself wasn’t a trial, as much as it was an experience.

    Now, work, that is where the tribulation happened. There were some great days, and some awful days. One thing for sure is that it made me stronger. I stayed there two years and learned a lot about who I am. Even though my manger was prejudice, spiteful, and an instigator, I still pushed through. Why? Because I knew I could and for my wonderful associates. That is, until that fateful night.

    I was working overnight. We had a manger trainee doing some last minute work before she left for class, and a number of our support mangers were there. As the night progressed, I was feeling worse and worse. The store was small, but I was having trouble making a complete circle without getting dizzy. Needless to say it was either let her drive me or call an ambulance. It’s true, I was still trying to wait until the end of my shift to go to the ER. This was for two reasons, I tried to completev all my task, and the fact that neither my store manger or co manger were answering their phones! None of them were having that. So at 2am I was taken to the hospital and admitted within an hour. What was wrong? ALL my vitals were at stroke level!

    If there was a time I needed to be close to home, this was it!! Not knowing what was going to happen next had me freaking out completely! My one true friend visited me all three days I was there. He bought my go bag from my apartment. He took me to get real food before getting my car when they let me out.

    It was during those three days I made the decision to leave the company. Once the decision was made and I told my mom, it seems a calm and peace presence overcame me. My vitals began to drop as well. It was then that I put in my 2 weeks notice. When I tell you that was my best decision ever, it really was. While I miss some of the people, I don’t miss the added stress and drama.

    This situation really helped define who I am today. I had never been stressed like that before at any job. I refuse to allow it to happen again. It made me stronger, and helped me appreciate some things I took for granted before. I’m forever thankful to those that held me up during those times.

    Why Share My Gratitude

    I love doing gratitude challenges. I also love to share my gratitude challenges through my blog. Why?

    I love doing gratitude challenges because it keeps me grounded. They help remind me of the many things I should be thankful for. The small things sometimes go unnoticed, this reminds me of those things. When I start and end my day by being thankful it makes for a better day and an even better night.

    Why share the gratitude challenges on my blog? I know, I could just meditate on it, write it in my journal, but I like to do more. I know, I’m a little extra sometimes. By sharing on my blog it holds me accountable. I’m always looking for ways to make myself accountable. I also do it it in hopes of helping someone else. Sometimes we all need reminders of things we can be thankful for.

    Sometimes I know things can be going all wrong in our lives. It makes it hard to be positive and thankful at times. This serves as a reminder that we should be grateful for even the small things in life.

    Do you share your gratitude with others, or do you keep it private?

    “Let It Go” (poem)

    I’ve been stabbed
    Those knives cut deep
    Deep in the back
    The stab wounds took a while to heal
    I Couldn’t believe it happened
    Was shocked when I turned around
    And It was you
    Pissed me off at first
    Wanted to be petty
    Then I realized something
    You showed me who you really are
    Your true colors
    It made so much sense now
    Made everything so much clearer
    Sure those knives hurt going in
    But I healed and grew from it
    Understood a few things
    When you’ve grown apart
    There’s only one thing to do
    Let it go
    Yes let it go
    That’s what I had to do with you
    Let you go
    You won’t get another chance
    To make me bleed
    To make me cry
    To make me angry
    I’ll take that “L” this time
    I’ve learned those cliches are true
    Take you at face value
    Don’t try to read between the lines
    Accept the deceit
    And let it go
    So as I let you go
    I want to thank you
    Thank you for showing me who you are
    Thank you for the pain so I can grow stronger
    Thank you for teaching me this new lesson
    Thank you for reminding me to forgive and let go
    Thank you
    Now watch me
    Let it go
    Let you go

    Quiet Storm © December 2019

    Having Surgery? Had Surgery?

    My quick update: My recovery process is going pretty good right now. I missed almost a week and half of physical therapy because my therapist was out with a suck family member. So between that and all the rain and dropping temperature have me a slight setback and made me very stiff. I’m getting back in the groove of things.

    With that being said, this post isn’t really all about me. It’s about you. Maybe you are thinking about total/partial or some other knee surgery, or any surgery really. Maybe, your surgery is scheduled and you need more information or advice. Maybe you’ve had your TKR and don’t know what to do now. This is for you all.

    When a doctor tells you need to have surgery it can be a scary and nervous moment. Even more so if you’ve never heard of it before. It’s completely normal and to be expected. I know when I was first told a total knee replacement was needed I felt all kinds of butterflies in my stomach. After all, you always hear the horror stories, rarely the positive. Today, I’m going to weave in bits of both from my journeys. Most of my journey will be centered around my last surgeries, which were total knee replacements. I’ve had others over the years that not limited to the knees.

    When you find out you need to have surgery, what do you do? The key is ALWAYS research. Don’t just go off one website either. When I found out I had to have a TKR, I was pulling up information daily. Yes my doctor was awesome both times with the expectations I should have. I felt like I needed more. Granted, 80% of what I found was the exact same thing he said. Some he hadn’t mentioned, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. It just made me more informed. When doing your research remember that most people post their horror stories, not the good stories. While you’re doing research, you find you have questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor. I kept my doctor and nurse on speed dial. I even had a nurse from my insurance company assigned to me.

    So now you decided to do the surgery, right? You’ve done your research. What do you do leading up to the surgery? The most obvious, yet, most ignored answer, FOLLOW ALL OF THE DOCTOR INSTRUCTIONS!!! This should be a no brainer, but we as people can be hardheaded sometimes. The instructions they give you will be beneficial going into surgery and coming out of surgery.

    I always tell people to prepare in other ways as much as possible. What do I mean? When I had my breast reduction it was very important to have shirts and dresses that didn’t require me to lift my arms much. For my TKR, you want accessible items. A raised toilet, raised bed, shorts, extra pillows, and other things that will help. I found that this is a question to ask others who have been through it some of their BEST practices. Try to stay with the positive aspects. It’s important to go into surgery with a positive attitude.

    So you’ve had your surgery and headed home. My word of advice is again, FOLLOW ALL DOCTORS ORDERS! If there is something you can’t do or it makes the pain worse, contact your doctor. Don’t overdo it. With my TKR I was able to exercise laying down. I would bend my leg while laying on my side. However, I was cautious to not over bend it. While recovering, don’t be afraid or proud to ask for help. If you have family or friends that can help in the beginning, let them. Just don’t get dependent on it. That can be your worst enemy.

    With my TKR I had a roller coaster of emotions. The pain was up and down in the beginning with all surgeries. Also with the TKR my sleep is way off. I’m saying this not to scare you, instead to give you a heads up. You’re body is going through some rough stuff with surgery, so some things might change with your body.

    I hope all of your surgeries go just fine and you have a speedy recovery. Keep your head up!!!! If there are any questions I can answer from my personal experience, I will.

    Total Knee replacement Week 5

    I’m halfway through week 5 of my post – op recovery. This has been an interesting journey so far.

    I have started driving a little bit. Nothing too much just yet. I did drive in Atlanta a little on the way home. I’ve mostly been going between my house and my mom’s house. There is a little pain, but not much. The more I do it, the less the pain.

    As far as the overall pain, it has gotten better. I can now go almost all day without any pain medicine except for when I have physical therapy. PT on the other hand is a bit more rough than it was last year. I seem to be okay at home lifting my leg, but when I get to PT, that’s a whole entire different kind of beast!! I still continue to push through because I know it’s only making me stronger, but sometimes, I just want to quit. Don’t worry, I don’t.

    The one thing I think isn’t going as well is me standing from an average chair height. I can do it, but it hurts like crazy, especially if I sit for a while. I’ve only been able to sit for an hour. That’s probably my two biggest concerns. I have just under two months to strengthen it. Hopefully between PT and getting some serious walking in it will get stronger. I do notice it isn’t buckling as much as it was last year. So that’s a plus for sure.

    Again, I’m overall pleased with the results from the surgery. I know the healing process takes time and no two surgeries will be the same. I will continue to take it one day at a time as I move forward.