Beauty Of Life

Life itself is a beautiful thing. I’m forever grateful for the chance to enjoy it.

I get it, there’s things that may not be pleasant all around us, but I try not to meditate pink those things. I know they there and a part of life. What’s more amazing that that negative is life itself.

We were created so uniquely different that getting to know others and learning from others is amazing. We like and dislike many different things. When I look around I see so many beautiful things in life to be thankful for.

I love nature. To see the trees, flowers, bodies of water is an awesome gift we were given. To see little ones grow is beautiful. I really do think life is a beautiful thing that we were granted.

What do you find that’s beautiful that you’re thankful for?

I’m Grateful For All My Body Can Do

There are so many things for me to be grateful for everyday. Today I am thankful my body has been able to handle my surgeries.

I am not the smallest, or even the biggest person out there. I have many things I want to work on physically. With that, I’m still confident in who I am. The best thing about my body is that I’ve had a few surgeries in my adult years and my body was able to handle it!

I actually had three knee surgeries in three years and healed really well from those. To say I’ve put my body through some things to feel better and it has held up is a major accomplishment. I know many people can’t do it, so I’m very grateful I was able to handle them all.

What about your body are you grateful for?

Tomkatt Our Teddybear

We all know the saying that people come into your life some for a season, some for life. In life you meet people that you create a special bond with. That bond can last a season or a life time.

Today I want to talk about someone that’s so special to me. Thomas Walton. Even though we didn’t speak or see each other often, he was always there. Even when he wasn’t feeling good or in the hospital, he still kept his head up and made you smile.

We meet at work at Wal-Mart. From what I remember we got along from the start. At the point I was in my life I was doing a lot of partying with my friends. He was always a staple piece in our crew. The laughter and drinks were always flowing. Not mention my handy shutter button too! Thomas was one of the few that never shied away from the camera.

Oh the good times we had. We called ourselves the 1284 Crew. We didn’t just party, we had dinners, and other various events where he always supported where he could.

I hate his life ended so short. It broke my heart when I was told the news. You know what though, I didn’t cry. I smiled and even laughed remembering some of his antics. As we get closer to the day of his service, I’m remembering all the happy moments we created over the years. I hate I don’t have current pictures. However, I’m okay with the older pictures because that’s how I remember him the most!

Thomas, thank you for the smiles, laughter, and love you always showed. You are already greatly missed!!!

Feel free to share your memories and/or pictures.

Post Up Week 2 (TKR2)

I finally made it through well two. I will say this, I’m so glad this is a short week. Y’all don’t understand how tiring three appointments in three days are. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I was a bit more mobile.

I had my staples taken out at my two week follow up and two physical therapy sessions. My incision looks good. He said my knee looks good too. I’m currently bending at 91°. He thought that was great. In PT I was finally able to lift my leg while in a sitting position. Now to be able to do it laying down will be great. I’m hoping to be doing that by the end of the holiday weekend.

I’ve begun to enter the stage where my nerves are beginning to fire up. What does that really mean? It means I don’t want anything to touch my knee! It’s not full fledged just yet, only in spots. So I have to begin forcing my knee to accept touches. I do this by rubbing different materials across it. I normally just do a light feather like rub. It’ll hurt like crazy, but it’ll start to get better eventually.

My pain level has decreased significantly. I’m almost strictly on Motrin. Still major stiffness, but my swelling has went down too. If you are about to have surgery make sure you get those compression socks. I think those really help with my swelling.

One thing I found out about 15 minutes into the drive, I can’t do more than 15 minutes in a car yet. My doctor main office is 45-50 minutes out. Yes I decided to keep him when he stopped coming to here because he did great work on my other knee. When I tell you that drive had me all kinds of uncomfortable, it was crazy. I was practically laying in the front seat. Glad we didn’t have anyone with us.

Overall my progress is good. I feel my strength growing.


We all get disappointed by someone or something. It typically can come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on What or who disappointed us it can be completly heartbreaking.

Still, the biggest disappointment is When we disappoint oureven think about it. Because most of the time we don’t recongize it we can’t deal with it. It is very important to understand and see just how real it is.

For example, I went to physical therapy for my total knee replacement. This is my first full session after having my surgery a week before. Due to the surgery your muscles are trying to fire up. Because of this it makes standing on your own from lower seats by yourself Pretty difficult. My self disappoint came in because I felt that I should have been able to do it on my own. It made me question my Own progress. It was like I haven’t did anything. Reality is that I’m further along than was last year. It took a mintute to pull myself out of that funk.

I want to share a few ways to deal with self disspointment. I will refer back to my own situation as we go through these steps

  1. Accept what happened. Sure you can wallow in Self Pitty for short time. For me in this specific situation it took about two hours and a nap.
  2. Treat yourself as a friend. Would you tell your friend that you were dissapointed in them? Especially if it was out of their control? A friend will always listen to help figure out what went wrong.
  3. Reconize the huge expectation. We should most definitely set high goals to reach and aim for. We will have setbacks and we must understand that. You must also make sure it is realistic. when we set unrealistic goals we will meet some kind of disappointment.
  4. Distract yourself in a healthy way. you’d want to find Something that not only relaxes you, but also stimulate your mind. For me it’s read a book. I’ll also do Some writing, Crafting, or Photography. Maybe once I heal, I can add Walking to the mix.
  5. Always be sure you are asking the right questions. Here are some questions: 1: Did you give yourself enough time? 2: Did you do the necessary Prep work? 3: Did you set Clear boundaries? 4: Did you ask for help?

When we feel the pang of self disspointment, remember there are ways to deal with it.

How do you deal with self disappointment?

Post Op TKR Part 3

I’m officially one week post op for my second total knee replacement. This journey has been a little different, and in some ways a bit better. While I may complain a little about the pain a specific moment, I’m not complaining about the surgery or the process.

I notable difference is the bandage on my leg. Last year it was wrapped up in a lot gauze, bandages (sticky and non sticky), and a large ace wrap. My physical therapist cleaned it and used less the day after I got out the hospital. THIS TIME it is like one huge bandage (yes I still have staples) and a machine called pico°7. The picture below shows you the pico. It supposed to help the healing processes and reduce swelling. I take it off today and just use basic bandage after I shower.

With this you can’t get it wet, so instead of taking a full shower in two days, I had to wait seven days!!! It doesn’t hurt, most of the time I don’t even know it’s there.

Another difference is my mobility. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I was sent pre surgery exercises to do the week before. Even though I wasn’t able to do all of them and the quantity they suggested, I think it aided in my better mobility. I’m doing things in week 1 that I wasn’t able to do until week 2 or 3 before.

Some things are still equally difficult. Things like lifting my leg to get in the bed is next to impossible. Of course I’m still on my walker. I’ll have that for a while.

Overall I’m grateful for the better recovery process right now. I’m looking forward to more pain free days than before.

That’s about all I have for now. You can shoot me with questions you may have.

Movie Review (Angel Has Fallen)

“Angel Has Fallen”

Movie Review

This movie is the third installment of the series following “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has fallen”.

This movie started off a bit slow. However, it was background information that was needed. So that, I’m not even going to complain about.

Other than that it was pretty much action through and through as one would have expected. I hated seeing Banner as the one they were chasing, but knew it would make a good movie as it did.

I didn’t like how short lived Jada Pickett Smith’s FBI character was. She was a beast for sure. Would have liked to see her progress through the movie.

This movie has some serious gun power and explosions just like the other movies. Still I was surprised at the devastation of the hospital and how it fell.

I loved them bringing the father in the movie and Banner’s wife almost immediately trusting him was sweet. The end where she warns him was epic to me.

This movie was good. It was an awesome action movie where I loved just about all of it.


Unique Quirks

I was recently talking to my mom about irrational fears. We had a good laugh. However, irrational fears are very real. We also discussed some of our unique quirks. Now this really had us cracking up. Even though we laughed, both of these are very real. For some it can cause issues or complications in their daily life. While for some it’s just ingrained in who they are.

Here are some 5 of my quirks:

  • When watching tv the volume has to be on an even number. For my TV it’s normally 8 or 10. If it doesn’t have numbers then I’m okay.
  • When wearing sucks, the seam on the toes have to be straight.
  • Speaking of socks, or ace wraps, they either need to full feet in or away from my toes.
  • Movies…if I start buying a series, then I must complete the entire collection, even if it starts to get boring.
  • When reading, I like to have a movie on. If the book is good, chances are I won’t know anything about it, but I need it to help me focus.

What are some unique quirks you have?

Fun Games & Apps

When we talk about apps we typically always discuss those that beneficial and help us with our day to day life. We rarely talk about the fun ones that we use to waste time.

We all have apps (if you have a smart phone) that may not always be productive for us, but a lot of time they are fun time wasters.

Here are a few of my apps:

  • Cooking Diary
  • Paint by Number
  • Wish (I don’t buy much at the moment, but always adding to my list)
  • YouTube…this can be productive is used correctly, but one can get caught up waiting time too.
  • Social Media… While FB, IG, Twitter and other platforms can be useful, if you’re not careful you’ll waste a ton of time.
  • VUDU
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Kindle (the reader in me)

What are some apps you use that are time wasters?