Don’t Give Up

She couldn’t believe it was happening
Happening all over again
Swore it wouldn’t
But it did
Now she’s confused
And angry
Mostly angry
Giving up seems like the best option
What’s the point after all
No matter what option she took
The result is failure
Always ends in failure
No matter what path she took
The results are back to square one
They say once you hit rock bottom
There’s nowhere to go but up
But when does the ascent begin
Will it start now
Will she have a long wait
Maybe the rise will be slow
Slower than the fall
Because the fall
Was super fast
Who wants to wait
Who has that kind of patience
She’s tired
She wants to give up
Still she knows she can’t
Can’t give in and wallow
Drowning her sorrows
Today things need to change
She must change
Change herself
Change the path she was on
Today’s the day she flips the light on
Changes the script
No same script different cast here
Different script
Different cast
That’s the way it’ll go
The way it’ll be
It’s time for self care
Time to bring sexy back
Time to not give up

Quiet Storm ⚡ April 2020 #Day1

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