Dealing With Changes

Changes happen all the time in life. There’s really no way to avoid them. We may try to delay it as much as possible, but change will always happen.

I’m actually one of those people who doesn’t mind change at all. As a matter of fact, most of the time, I actually welcome it. It’s not always easy to adapt to change, but more often than not, it’s worth it. It’s all about adaptability.

Many companies have went out of business simply because they couldn’t adapt to change. Many people have been left behind because they couldn’t accept change, even if it saved them time or money.

Today I want to talk about a few changes I’ve dealt with in my working career. To know me, is to know I can get bored rather quickly. Most of my work experience comes from Wal-Mart. Regardless of your personal feelings, or some of what I’m about to discuss, Wal-Mart has changed to keep up with the times, that’s why they are still here.

I’ve always enjoyed learning new things. So when it came to work it wasn’t much different. Eventually, I applied for assistant manger and got it. Good days and bad days, I overall enjoyed what I was doing. To have the ability to teach and train others while taking care of customers was a great experience.

My biggest challenge came when I got accepted at a store in Alexandria, VA. I spent two years there. The stories I could tell from just those two years! What made that specific change so difficult? After all, I said yes to the position. Can you see my shrug? LOL

While I wasn’t living with either of my parents, I was never far away. Yes, I was able to call them anytime. Most days, like today, I talked to my mom multiple times a day. Not having them right there when wanted them or needed them was hard. Still, it was a change I was pushing through.

Another of those serious experiences I delt with was my job.  I mean, that was the reason for the move in the first place. Being an assistant manager at Walmart in Northern VA is a different experience than in GA.  The expectations are different.  One was because we were a prototype store. Because of that, the visits we received from corporate were almost every week. These were not your normal market, or regional visits. These were the staff from the CEO and CFO offices. Who would have thought I’d meet the person in charge of everyone’s payroll? That was just one. One of the many I had pleasant conversations with. Still, preparing for those visits could get stressful.

The people are also very different that I met there.  Even though it was a new culture, I so enjoyed learning about everyone’s home countries and their families.  Even learning phrases from their native tongue. Needless to say I’ve learned a lot about myself.  Learned some things about myself that surprised me. For instance, I was was hesistant, more like afraid to take on a specific area of the store. I embraced the change and got to work.  However, once I started learning the area, I actually learned a lot and think I did pretty good. Not great, but good enough to put up numbers that surprised my old supervisors back in GA.

I learned that because of the way I managed my associates they worked hard for me.  They worked for me when they wouldn’t work for others.  When I needed them to step up and be above average, they did it.  They constantly shined when it was extremely important.  That taught me that what I was doing was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, the stress from dealing with scandalous bossees and team members took a toll on me and my body. This was a change I found unacceptable. Never thought I’d work with supervisors more drama filled than the associates they manage.

I was out of work twice due to an ankle injury.  Of course all the crazy hours didn’t help either.  I was even hospitalized with extreme high blood pressure, chest pain, and shortness of breath. All my vitals were at stroke level. My co worker was like she take me or I go in an ambulance.  Thank goodness I didn’t have  a stroke or heart attack.  Still, it did prompt me to leave the company for something less stressful.

I’ve made a few new great friends over this time.  We argured, disagreed and still remained true.  When I needed them, they were there. No questions asked.  Durning that time I also lost some so called friends.  I came to realize that some of them were hating on the changes I was making. It’s all good because I didn’t loose any sleep over it.

Like I said, changes could be good or bad. What matters most is how you deal with those changes. Accept the change the best you can. Remember to at least give it a chance before saying no.

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