My Communication

I’ve been out with Covid for about three weeks now. During this time I came to realize something. Before I get into all that, let me state my disclosures. This is ME. I’m not talking about other women. We can discuss it, but don’t try to change how I feel about it. I’m just saying.

I never denied the claim that I’m spoiled, because I am spoiled. No arguing there. Still, I always said I wasn’t a snobby brat. That I also still stand by. However… I realized one very important reason I stay single. Of course, I have my personal standards of what I need and want. Some I can comprise with, others, I don’t comprise at all.

One of those things I place an extreme high importance on is communication. Yes, most people SAY it’s important in their various relationships, but don’t actually show it. Sometimes people just mean communication as in knowing each other and/or where each other are, or what they are doing. All which are important.

The part of communication I’m talking about today is a little different. Again, understand this is ME. Friends have a certain level of communication. We don’t have to talk every day, or even every week. My best friend, we may talk once a month, but we understand each other. We communicate in number of different ways.

Friends with benefits require a different type of communication. So, you know, being a boyfriend, fiancee, husband is on a whole different level. One thing that’s for certain is, you will not stop talking mid conversation (unless you’re at work of course) and expect me to answer you at the drop of a dime. Nope. It doesn’t matter which level we are, it will not be okay. You will not go days without some form of communication and expect this to work. I enjoy the random text, the random phone calls. True enough, you don’t need to text, call or email ALL day. I don’t even need to see you everyday. Still, I love the corny, cute and flirty messages and calls.

You will not ignore me and think it’s okay. You will not not check on me when I’m sick and think it’s okay. You will not say a proper greeting (mainly when it’s the first conversation of the day) before stating what you want and think it’s okay. You will not treat me as an option and not a priority and think it’s okay. You will not dismiss me in public and call/text me in private and expect it to be okay. You will contact me only when you want something and think it’s cool.

Every type of relationship require good communication. Some more than others. Don’t expect more than you are willing to give. Again, we can discuss this all day.

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