My Life Beliefs

Definition of BELIEF: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

I have many beliefs that I strongly stick by. Some were taught to me growing up. Others, I learned later in life. For me, my beliefs are my own. Some you may agree with, some you won’t. And that’s okay. I know how to agree to disagree.  What I love about true friends, you don’t have to agree all the time.

One thing that I am very strict on is moving in together. To you that may be crazy. But that doesn’t change my view. No marriage, no living together.
As lame as this may sound, I think it saved me. While we are, I might as well say this too. I don’t date just to date. No I’m not desperate or dying to get married. It’s just a waste of time if it isn’t moving that way. Otherwise, what really is the point? Don’t try to change my mind because it won’t work.

I refuse to allow any job to kill me. My family and health come first. After my visit to the hospital a few years ago, I realized it was time for a change. I was hospitalized because all my vitals were at stroke levels. All my tests have back normal. So because of that I changed career paths a few times. My health is better in many ways for that change. Still, like nature, other issues arose, but still, I think I’m better.

I don’t believe in the line “Break up to make up”. Great song, but far from my reality. I don’t believe in drama or going backwards. Either we stick it out with less drama or we go our separate ways. There is no getting back together. If we broke up, then we broke up for a reason. Twice I went against that and it was not pretty. I’m peaceful and fairly easy to get along with.  So, I prefer as lil drama as possible.

Of course I have the basic beliefs that are core. I don’t steal, lie, or practice violence.   These are a few of my beliefs. Of course I have many other beliefs. Some of which I don’t typically discuss. No, it’s not that I’m afraid or embarrassed. I just rather not jump into those conversations. Unless we are dating and hit that serious stage, we probably won’t discuss a number of things. My beliefs don’t change because others don’t fit. If you have a belief (that isn’t against the law) then stick to it. If you believe it, and have your reasons to back it up why worry about others thoughts? Just make sure you stay within the law. I would also say stay morally upright, but that’s a whole different discussion that I rather not jump into right this minute.

Like I said, these are just some of my beliefs that have carried me throughout the years.

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