My Survival

I was scared
Didn’t know what to do
Where to go
Who to call
I’m standing here in the cold
Shivering because of lack of layers
Nothing but t-shirt and jeans
Don’t know what happened
What went wrong
Thought we had something special
Then you left me
Left me in the cold
All I could think about was you
How could you do this
I knew I needed to move on
Needed make my next move
All I thought about was you
Thought about this abandonment
Then the cold wind
Slapped me in the face
Made me realize I could die
My focus was on you
Not on me
Not on my survival
On you
I wanted to live
Wanted to see the next day
The next sunrise
I kept drifting towards you
Had to turn away
After all
You didn’t care me
But I care about me
So I must dispel you from my thoughts
From my heart
From my memory
A new life
A new adventure


Quiet Storm⚡ April 6, 2020

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