I cared about you once upon a time
I wanted to give you my all
Felt like you were my everything
Like you were the one
Loved you so much
Too much
Loved you more than I loved myself
Didn’t completely understand
The feelings
The emotions at the time
Just knew something had to change
Then I realized something
I forgot who I was
What kind of person I was
I was so devoted to you
I forgot to be devoted to myself
No longer could I describe myself
Wasn’t sure about what I liked
Had become accustomed to yours
Everything was about you
How you wanted to be loved
How you felt
Never if you loved me
Never if you cared enough
Now I must break away
Leave you where you stand
It’s time
Time to redefine me
Redefine who I am
How I should be loved
What I need
What I want
It’s that time
Time for me to be

Quiet Storm⚡© April 5, 2020

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