My Tribulation That Made Me Stronger

What tribulation have I gone through that has made me stronger and the person I am today? At first I really had to think about it. Then I realized that there is more than one, but one situation keeps coming to the forefront.

One thing that has made me stronger is when I was a manager in Virginia. Being in Virginia taught me so much. As a manger I learned a lot in all my stores. Each store was a special experience.

However, Virginia, that was a whole different ball park for a number of reasons. I love my family, so I was always driving distance away. Not a twelve hour drive. So that was new. But having made a great friend that worked with me helped a lot. That in itself wasn’t a trial, as much as it was an experience.

Now, work, that is where the tribulation happened. There were some great days, and some awful days. One thing for sure is that it made me stronger. I stayed there two years and learned a lot about who I am. Even though my manger was prejudice, spiteful, and an instigator, I still pushed through. Why? Because I knew I could and for my wonderful associates. That is, until that fateful night.

I was working overnight. We had a manger trainee doing some last minute work before she left for class, and a number of our support mangers were there. As the night progressed, I was feeling worse and worse. The store was small, but I was having trouble making a complete circle without getting dizzy. Needless to say it was either let her drive me or call an ambulance. It’s true, I was still trying to wait until the end of my shift to go to the ER. This was for two reasons, I tried to completev all my task, and the fact that neither my store manger or co manger were answering their phones! None of them were having that. So at 2am I was taken to the hospital and admitted within an hour. What was wrong? ALL my vitals were at stroke level!

If there was a time I needed to be close to home, this was it!! Not knowing what was going to happen next had me freaking out completely! My one true friend visited me all three days I was there. He bought my go bag from my apartment. He took me to get real food before getting my car when they let me out.

It was during those three days I made the decision to leave the company. Once the decision was made and I told my mom, it seems a calm and peace presence overcame me. My vitals began to drop as well. It was then that I put in my 2 weeks notice. When I tell you that was my best decision ever, it really was. While I miss some of the people, I don’t miss the added stress and drama.

This situation really helped define who I am today. I had never been stressed like that before at any job. I refuse to allow it to happen again. It made me stronger, and helped me appreciate some things I took for granted before. I’m forever thankful to those that held me up during those times.

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