“Let It Go” (poem)

I’ve been stabbed
Those knives cut deep
Deep in the back
The stab wounds took a while to heal
I Couldn’t believe it happened
Was shocked when I turned around
And It was you
Pissed me off at first
Wanted to be petty
Then I realized something
You showed me who you really are
Your true colors
It made so much sense now
Made everything so much clearer
Sure those knives hurt going in
But I healed and grew from it
Understood a few things
When you’ve grown apart
There’s only one thing to do
Let it go
Yes let it go
That’s what I had to do with you
Let you go
You won’t get another chance
To make me bleed
To make me cry
To make me angry
I’ll take that “L” this time
I’ve learned those cliches are true
Take you at face value
Don’t try to read between the lines
Accept the deceit
And let it go
So as I let you go
I want to thank you
Thank you for showing me who you are
Thank you for the pain so I can grow stronger
Thank you for teaching me this new lesson
Thank you for reminding me to forgive and let go
Thank you
Now watch me
Let it go
Let you go

Quiet Storm © December 2019

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