What Makes Me Smile

It always feels good when we find things that makes us smile genuinely. When we do it makes us feel so good. Or at least for me it does. There are a few things that make me smile.

  • My niece and nephew. Just seeing them can put me at ease. A text or a phone call will have the same effect. No matter what’s going on, they elicit a smile from me.
  • Babies. I love babies. I don’t plan on having any myself. Seeing other babies, especially when they are smiling, cooing or trying to talk brings a smile to my face!
  • Good spoken word. I already love poetry by itself, but to hear a good spoken word artist is like a breath of fresh air.
  • A good smelling man. No explanation needed.
  • A good hugger. Sometimes when things may not be going right, or just not feeling it, a good hug can change things around.
  • Those are five things that make me smile that I’m grateful for. What makes you that you are grateful for?

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