New Connections

Making new connections in business is always important. If you want to grow your business you must be open and willing to make new connections. Without them you will become stagnant. Here are a few connections in grateful for. Some are newer than others, but without them I wouldn’t be here.

  • My Paparazzi uplines. Their knowledge and support has been invaluable. (Crystal, Claudette, Lisa) I love this business. When I may be feeling a bit down I see something on one of their pages and I say to myself “Girl get it together and get busy!”
  • My coach Tandee. I remember when I first meet her at my networking event. I didn’t think we would be friends, but here we are, two introvert business owners. There’s never a moment I’m not thankful for her pushing me and pushing me some more. With her in able to celebrate the small accomplishments as well as the big ones too.
  • Zetamber and her family. When I was starting my photography business they were there. Now, she still supports my ventures!

Those are just three of my many new or newish connections that I’m grateful for. What new connections have you made that you are thankful for?

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