A Few Accomplishments

I’ve the years I’ve accomplished a lot of things. It’s hard to pinpoint what I’m most grateful for. So I’ll talk about a few accomplishments I’m grateful for.

Being an assistant manger for seven years. I feel like I did a lot in those seven years. Yes, there were some bad days and moments, but the good out way the bad. I learned a lot during those years that I’ve been able to take with me. I’m grateful for that learning experience.

I’m grateful for my entrepreneurship. It’s great to own my own business. While it’s not full-time and I still work my day job, this has been an awesome road. There are so many people that poured into me to help me find my niche. I couldn’t even begin to name them for fear of forgetting someone! I hope I’ve been able to pour into other the same way!

I’ve published eight poetry books!!! I started writing poetry what I started college with the help and guidance of a friend. I developed and grew (still growing) my craft. Then a final push from an author that visited our book club I published my first book in 2007. The books cover a range of topics. There’s something for almost everyone.

Those are just three of my accomplishments I’m very grateful for. Each have taught me some valuable lessons along the way.

What accomplishment are you most grateful for?

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