Foods I’m Grateful For

Food!!! Most of love food to some extent. What makes food amazing is the variety that we have to choose from. Many times we can make the same dish in different ways based on your preference and location around the globe.

The food that I’m most grateful for is pizza, spaghetti and lasagna. Why those?

Pizza, how can one go wrong there? Pizza is easy and quick to fix or buy. Pizza has its own personality depending on where you get it from. Nothing like a good hot pizza.

Spaghetti and lasagna you can also make many different ways. I almost always do something different when I make spaghetti. What I also love about those dishes is that they taste even better the next day. I don’t really do leftovers, but I can eat on those a few days.

I’m a very simple eater most days. Because of that, those are the foods I’m most grateful for. What food(s) are you grateful for?

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