Tomkatt Our Teddybear

We all know the saying that people come into your life some for a season, some for life. In life you meet people that you create a special bond with. That bond can last a season or a life time.

Today I want to talk about someone that’s so special to me. Thomas Walton. Even though we didn’t speak or see each other often, he was always there. Even when he wasn’t feeling good or in the hospital, he still kept his head up and made you smile.

We meet at work at Wal-Mart. From what I remember we got along from the start. At the point I was in my life I was doing a lot of partying with my friends. He was always a staple piece in our crew. The laughter and drinks were always flowing. Not mention my handy shutter button too! Thomas was one of the few that never shied away from the camera.

Oh the good times we had. We called ourselves the 1284 Crew. We didn’t just party, we had dinners, and other various events where he always supported where he could.

I hate his life ended so short. It broke my heart when I was told the news. You know what though, I didn’t cry. I smiled and even laughed remembering some of his antics. As we get closer to the day of his service, I’m remembering all the happy moments we created over the years. I hate I don’t have current pictures. However, I’m okay with the older pictures because that’s how I remember him the most!

Thomas, thank you for the smiles, laughter, and love you always showed. You are already greatly missed!!!

Feel free to share your memories and/or pictures.