Post Op TKR Part 3

I’m officially one week post op for my second total knee replacement. This journey has been a little different, and in some ways a bit better. While I may complain a little about the pain a specific moment, I’m not complaining about the surgery or the process.

I notable difference is the bandage on my leg. Last year it was wrapped up in a lot gauze, bandages (sticky and non sticky), and a large ace wrap. My physical therapist cleaned it and used less the day after I got out the hospital. THIS TIME it is like one huge bandage (yes I still have staples) and a machine called pico°7. The picture below shows you the pico. It supposed to help the healing processes and reduce swelling. I take it off today and just use basic bandage after I shower.

With this you can’t get it wet, so instead of taking a full shower in two days, I had to wait seven days!!! It doesn’t hurt, most of the time I don’t even know it’s there.

Another difference is my mobility. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I was sent pre surgery exercises to do the week before. Even though I wasn’t able to do all of them and the quantity they suggested, I think it aided in my better mobility. I’m doing things in week 1 that I wasn’t able to do until week 2 or 3 before.

Some things are still equally difficult. Things like lifting my leg to get in the bed is next to impossible. Of course I’m still on my walker. I’ll have that for a while.

Overall I’m grateful for the better recovery process right now. I’m looking forward to more pain free days than before.

That’s about all I have for now. You can shoot me with questions you may have.

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