Unique Quirks

I was recently talking to my mom about irrational fears. We had a good laugh. However, irrational fears are very real. We also discussed some of our unique quirks. Now this really had us cracking up. Even though we laughed, both of these are very real. For some it can cause issues or complications in their daily life. While for some it’s just ingrained in who they are.

Here are some 5 of my quirks:

  • When watching tv the volume has to be on an even number. For my TV it’s normally 8 or 10. If it doesn’t have numbers then I’m okay.
  • When wearing sucks, the seam on the toes have to be straight.
  • Speaking of socks, or ace wraps, they either need to full feet in or away from my toes.
  • Movies…if I start buying a series, then I must complete the entire collection, even if it starts to get boring.
  • When reading, I like to have a movie on. If the book is good, chances are I won’t know anything about it, but I need it to help me focus.

What are some unique quirks you have?