Fun Games & Apps

When we talk about apps we typically always discuss those that beneficial and help us with our day to day life. We rarely talk about the fun ones that we use to waste time.

We all have apps (if you have a smart phone) that may not always be productive for us, but a lot of time they are fun time wasters.

Here are a few of my apps:

  • Cooking Diary
  • Paint by Number
  • Wish (I don’t buy much at the moment, but always adding to my list)
  • YouTube…this can be productive is used correctly, but one can get caught up waiting time too.
  • Social Media… While FB, IG, Twitter and other platforms can be useful, if you’re not careful you’ll waste a ton of time.
  • VUDU
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Kindle (the reader in me)

What are some apps you use that are time wasters?

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