“MM Butterfly Jewelry”. Who is what? What do you do?? Why do you do it?? All valid questions.

I’m an independent consultant with Paparazzi. We sell $5 accessories.”MM Butterfly Jewelry” is the name of my business. I encourage you to “let your inner and outer beauty shine” with our awesome pieces.

The jewelry/accessories are extremely awesome for only $5 a piece! Once you start it’ll be hard to stop! Trust me, I know from experience.

How gorgeous is this set?!?! Yes the earrings come with it. That is one of our new fall blockbuster pieces!!! That’s not all!!! Our new men’s line is absolutely fire!!!!

Yes that’s a men’s ring! Only $5. It’s awesome pieces that attracted to paparazzi. Now I’m an independent consultant. Why go from customer to consultant?

First I love being an entrepreneur. Second, after I might surgery I wanted to find a direct sales company that really sparked. After some research I decided to move forward and sign up. Almost a year later, I’m glad I did. Of course I enjoy making the money. What I found I needed more was the connections.

My doctor said I was slightly depressed following my surgery last September. Selling jewelry has reignited a creative passion I pushed aside. I also have met some amazing and inspiring people in this journey. While I may not be that six figure chick YET, I have been able to accomplish a lot of things.

What has this business done for me?

  • Paid doctor bills
  • Paid class reunion fees
  • Restart my savings
  • Bought lunches and dinners
  • Created many tax write offs for this tax season
  • Pushes me to be a little less introverted

And this is just the beginning. Can you picture going to urgent care of the ER being able to pay your co pays with what you made the last few days and not touch your paycheck you just got. That’s me.

I absolutely love this business! I would love to have you as a customer or a team member. Let me know how I can help.

Did I mention these gorgeous pieces make great gifts and stocking stuffers!!!!!!!!!!! Ordering from the website, it ships directly to you!!!

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