50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know…Week 5

WEEK 5…..



Include something personal about a friend you are introducing to your parents like “Mom this is Tiffany. She moved here from Germany last year.”


Just say “Mom, this is Tiffany.”


Because knowing a little something about your friend gives your parents an opening to get to know your friend a little better, which is reassuring for parents.


Introduce a newcomer to a group of people she/he doesn’t know, even if you don’t know everyone’s name in the group. You can simply say, “Everyone this is Carrie. We went to elementary school together.


Say hello to the newcomer, then resume your conversation with your other friends.


Not being introduced makes a person feel invisible and unimportant, and no one wants to make anyone feel that way.

  • A lady always introduces the younger person to the older person. “Grandma, this is Elizabeth.” Not, “Elizabeth, this is my grandmother.”
  • A lady can introduce herself to someone by saying her own name first. “Hello I’m Jana Jones.” Ideally, the other person will reply, “Hello, I’m Hannah Rogers.”

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