What Challenges Have You Set For This Year?

What Challenges have you set for yourself this year?

Definition of Challenge: a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel.

When I think of challenge I don’t really think of competition with others all the time. Some times outs about you and competing to see if you complete a task or just do better than the time you did before.

I find myself doing a number of challenges. Some shorter than others, but most of them were yearly. I do tend to break some of them down to monthly to smaller goals to help me reach my larger goal.

Here are some of my challenges for the year.

  • Reading Challenge 📚. It’s my goal to read a minimum of 25 books. Previously I tried 52. However withmy increased schedule load I had to think realistically. So 25 it is.
  • 365 Photo Challenge. I love this one. I haven’t tried in a while, but wanted to get back into it.
  • 12 Habits. I actually got this denim my planner. Each month I should be working on a new habit.
  • 45,000-50,000 steps a week. This can get tough if I’m not working, but I’m planning to add walking in.

These are four of my challenges this year. Have you challenged yourself this year? What are they?

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