Things To Let Go Of Right Now

In life we tend to hold on to things that we need to let go of. Why do we do that? Sometimes it brings us comfort, or gives us strength or even hope. Did you know that some of those things are what hinders us from progressing to the level we need to. I know with me I’m consistently working on letting things go. Here are a few things we need to let go of in order to move forward:

  • Worrying about what has happened in the past – The past is just that, the past. The good and bad. We can’t change it, but can learn from it as long as we don’t allow it to swallow us up.
  • The need to be in control of everything – We like things to go a certain way, but many things are out of our control. Once we realize those things we can’t control, things get better.
  • The idea of a perfect life – Everyone is imperfect, therefore a perfect life will be non existent.
  • Fear of the unknown -This is easier said than done. Still, it does bring the stress level down.
  • Unhealthy relationships – This stress is just not worth it at all. If it is not bringing positivity into your line, let it go.
  • Worrying about things you can’t change – There are so many things we can’t change. We must focus on what we can change.
  • Clothing you haven’t worn in over a year – There are many reasons people keep clothes they haven’t worn. If you haven’t worn out in a year, what truly are the chances you’ll wear it? Let it go.
  • Comparing yourself to other people – On some level I understand doing this. Maybe you’re working with a mentor or trainer and there is SOME comparison. However, we don’t want to get in the mindset of “being like the Jones'”.
  • Your inscecurities -We all have some sort of insecurity. How we push past that defines who we are. Don’t allow that insecurity to determine your future.
  • Fear of failure – This one is huge for me personally. I know I’m not perfect and will not be perfect in everything I do. Therefore failure will sometimes happen. Understanding that has helped me not to fall in a funk.
  • Procrastining on important things – The first step is finding out why you procrastinate. Once you know why, you can begin to let it go. For example, I typically procrastinate when I feel overwhelmed. Solution? Planning and scheduling keeps me from being overwhelmed, thus I don’t procrastinate as much.
  • Overspending – Budgeting and planning will typically take care of this.
  • Worrying what others think of you – Why hold on to that stress? Yes we care about our brands and products. Those random thoughts of pettiness, let it go.
  • Excuses – Excuses can be a handicap. If you missed up, or forgot something, admit it, apologize and move on.
  • Your comfort zone – This can be hard, but once you do, you’ll olive yourself more for it. Step outside the box.
  • Grudges – Keeping grudges can affect your health. Most of the time the person we have grudge against isn’t even worth it.
  • Lazy habits that are holding you back -Nothing else needs to be said.
  • Gossip – Is it worth it? What could you be doing instead?
  • Any possessions that don’t bring you joy – Let it go!
  • Unrealistic expectations – Things applies to people and your goals!
  • Trying to make everyone happy – One word…IMPOSSIBLE
  • Jealousy – The energy you use on jealously and be used for something more productive.
  • Anyone or anything that doesn’t make you happy –

What are some things you are working on letting go of?

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