I’m grateful for so many things each and everyday. I make it a point to be thankful for at least a minimum of three things each and every day. No matter how rough and crazy a day I may have had, there has to be something to be thankful and grateful for.

This month I’m especially grateful for the time I got to spend with my niece and nephew.  They make any day all worth it.  It seems that when I’m at my worst, they do something surprising and makes it all better.

I’m grateful for my mom.  She’s always there to offer her support.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a listening ear or a visit or a few words of wisdom.  For all of that, I’ll always be eternally thankful for.

I’m so thankful the weather wasn’t as hot as it was last summer.  I don’t do heat all that well.  So cooler is most definitely better for me.  Give me fall and winter anytime over summer.  Sometimes here in the south fall isn’t much better than summer.  However, winter in most situations are the best.

I’m grateful for my business coach.  I was in a bit of a funk and just a brief conversation with her bought me back with a much clearer head and more focused and ready to go now.  There’s nothing like having someone who can just listen and ask a few questions to get you back on the right track.  She really is awesome!!!!

Those are a few things that I’m grateful for.  Of course there are so many more, but those are a few that make the list quite often.  So tell me, what are you grateful for?  Please feel free to share.


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