10 People That Have Influenced Me

There are many people that have influenced by life one way or another. Here are only ten of those purple that have influenced me.

Mom…. My mom has always been there. Supported all of me and my sisters’ ideas no matter how wild they were. That undeniable support and love has taught me what love really means. You know those moments when growing up and you try to hide stuff and it backfires? My mom never said “I told you so”, only asked what happened. Even still today, we are all grown up and she still stands by our side unconditionally.

Sisters (equally)…There is a six and seven year gap between me and my sisters. Still I’m always able to learn from them. I’m closed minded as to think I can’t learn from them because they’re younger. If anything, the three of us are pretty different and have different strong points. I enjoy picking up new stuff from them. Their support is never ending, even if it’s low key sometimes!

Dad…My dad may not have always understood the why, but that didn’t stop him for supporting. He may not have always agreed, but he made sure home was ALWAYS taken care of. He taught us many things and made sure we didn’t just settle. Even as adults he made sure we didn’t want for anything.

Niece & Nephew…These two young people make everything all worth it. They remind me to not always be so serious. To have some fun. To laugh. Their hearts are so big it’ll humble you in seconds. A text, a call, a picture always brings a smile to my face. An interchange of learning takes place with them.

June Wiley…I worked under her for years. She knew her job. What she didn’t know was how to lead. Manage yes. Lead, no. She showed me many positive things as a supervisor as well as many things not to do. I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given to work under her. The experience was immeasurable.

The Crew…My girls! They really rock. They’ve taught me so much. We’ve had ups and downs but we were still here. I love that we can argue, disagree and stuff and still remain friends. Their has never been a question about their loyalty. Even moving to VA they kept me in the loop. If I didn’t know what loyalty was before, I would know now.

Keith (Lagrange)…He was my store manager in Lagrange. I enjoyed working under him. Especially being a new Assistant Manager. His knowledge was amazing. The way he taught was great. I learned to make decisions. I learned a lot about myself and what I was truly capable of. Yes we had a run in or two, but isn’t that to be expected?

Harrison Banks…Little does he know he showed me so much. He pushed me past boundaries I didn’t know I had at the time. He taught me you can have fun in business. Always open to trying new things was one of the things I liked about working with him.

Celita…My manager that always has the gift of Gab. We have a long history of working together. One thing I learned from her was her ability to speak confidently even if she wasn’t 100% sure. She helped me to speak with confidence.

Robert Jackson (Nightwalker)…My writing husband. He gave me my first push at writing poetry. My cornerstone and helper. When all else fails I call him. Whatever I need when it comes to writing he’s my support. Yes, I have fans and supporters that are invaluable. He’s so much more. He’s my writing husband. I write with others, but he’s my go to. Without him I wouldn’t have even started.

These are only 10 people that have influenced by life one way or another. Who has influenced you?

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