Lazy Is Not Sexy

Lazy is not sexy

There’s nothing like hard working people. No, I’m not talking strength wise. I’m talking about handling your business. Doing what you get paid to do.

Growing up I had a hard working father, mother, and many hard working close uncles and aunts. Being lazy was never in their bones.

As a woman, I work hard for mine. I expect the same thing from those that are in my circle. To be honest, my closest family and friends are all hard workers. Laziness is not who we are. I may not always agree with a business is doing, but if they are paying and me and I’m not breaking legal or moral rules, it’s done.

Yes, there many pure lazy people, both male and female. Granted I don’t go home with them, thank goodness. It just shows how far the change has come. No, I’m not saying this generation or that generation because there are hard workers and lazy ones in each.

I understand we all have lazy moments. Myself included. That should not define who you are, or what you’re about. When people hear your name, the first thing should not be the first thing that comes to mind. If it is, you have a problem. Yes you. No one else but you. Now you’re the one showing the lazy syndrome and only you can fix it. I don’t know about others, but I refuse to enable a lazy person.

From what I see, we have gotten lax in many ways. We tend to allow those that are sub par to invade our space. What do I mean? You don’t want to be alone. Instead of waiting for a better match, you settle for the lazy person. You obviously know they’re lazy or notice the lazy tendencies. Still you stay because of fear or loneliness. Now you’re allowing that person to continue to be lazy. We all really do have to do better. I get that some will be lazy regardless.

I’m here to tell you, lazy is not sexy. Any true business person, hustler or whatever you call it, knows the truth, lazy is so not sexy.

Your thoughts? Agree or disagree?

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