5 Things I Want To Learn In 2018

I want to learn a lot of things. However today, in only going to discuss five of the things I want to learn. Just remember this isn’t all exclusive!!!

1- To learn more about photography

2- Increase my selling and customer service skills

3- How to be a more confident speaker

4- To successfully run my own businesses

5- Get better at spoken word

What’s something you want to learn this year?

3 thoughts on “5 Things I Want To Learn In 2018

    1. Nice nice and nice!!!!! LOL I’m loving those. Arabic seems hard! I was trying Chinese at one point, had to put it down!
      What do you write? Maybe I can put you in touch with some of the authors/writers I know.

      Thank you for sharing!!!


      1. Hey Hi! Arabic does seem hard but for a person who knows Urdu (like me), it’s not that tough.
        Well, I pen down whatever goes on my head, but mostly I’m interested in literature, societal issues, poetry and philosophy!
        Thanks for considering!
        Happy blogging!


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