What’s your 2018 motto?

For the last few years I’ve had a hashtag to remind me of goals, to celebrate my accomplishments and stuff. Thanks to Felicia Hamilton for my start on that. Y’all know, I’m all about hashtags too!!!

2018 hashtag is…….


No not the song by Salt n Pepa. I constantly finding myself saying “Just keep pushing it” or “Push through it.” Right now I’m Saying “Push the envelope. Push it further than before. It refers to so many things.

This is a year for me to step outside my box. To go places I’ve never been, to do things I’ve never done. It’s time to grow to new heights with more people.

There’s so much I want to accomplish this coming year. I know there will be ups and downs. There will be uncomfortable and tense moments. Of course there will be those moments I’m just lazy. I’ll just have to push through those times.

For 2018, my hashtag is #PushIt. I’ll also continue to use the following: #Unapologetic #Unrelentness #YearOfFirst #BecauseIAmForty

What is your motto, quote or hashtag for 2018?

3 thoughts on “What’s your 2018 motto?

  1. Well, I believe setting long term goals doesn’t usually work out. Setting short term goals is what we should be doing as those goals are actually accomplished. We celebrate the coming of a new year, but not the coming of a new day. I believe every new day should be celebrated and we shouldn’t be waiting for a new year to make a resolution, if u want to do sth do it now. Set small goals which can be achieved soon, this will boost your confidence and make u really happy.
    Just a thought!
    Best wishes❤


    1. Hey! Sorry for the delay. It’s been super hectic. Small goal are necessary. Those small goals should help you reach your larger goals. Many times our large goals expand more than a year. Yes, I agree, celebrate everyday. 😊 Thanks for commenting!


      1. It’s okay, i totally understand. lately I too have been busy with a lot of stuff!
        Happy blogging!
        P.S. I thought you didn’t like my thoughts at all😂


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