Military school vs public school

Military school vs public school

So today was interesting. I went to a family reunion. It was in Hayneville, Al. That’s about 20-30 minutes outside of Montgomery. Anyone that knows the area know just how country it is. The reunion itself was held at Central High School. Y’all, I have not breached those school doors in almost 30 years!!!! I was in the 7th grade. We are headed to Germany.

I wanted to talk about military school vs public school and country life vs city life.

As I stated, we were at the school. It bought back some memories. While I walked the halls trying to see what I could remember I started comparing my schools. When I say I went to a lot of schools, I went to A LOT of schools. There are similarities and differences between the schools. One thing I know for sure is kids will be kids no matter where they go to school at. So there will be bullies and slackers no matter what.

One major difference is the tolerance level for misbehavior. As a military child you are a representation of the military parent. If you continue to get in trouble in school, that parent then gets in trouble too. There was no question about it, especially if the parent had to keep leaving work. Yea we had some fights, but not like I see in public schools. There is a lot more diversity in military schools. It was a culture shock to go to a school that was majority or all black. Yes I went on some school trips in both schools, but the military school seem to take better trips. How do I mean? In Germany of course we went local incountry places, but we always went out of the country.

With public schools a lot of people grow up together through the years. With military schools half of the school maybe new the next year. I may not have spent much time in one place, but I do have friendships that started in elementary school and we are still friends.

I loved going to both sets of schools. They were good in their own dinstenct way. I personally don’t favor one over the other. The experiences are so worth it on both sides.

I’d love to hear your experience.

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