DEFINITION: An intense but usually short-lived infatuation.

When we think of having a crush, we typically go back to middle and high school.  I’m sure everyone has had one at some point in time.  I never crushed on a teacher or anything, only fellow classmates.  That typically ended once I changed schools.  (Which was often as the life of a military brat.)  Take a moment and think back to your crush(es).  Was it just one, or more than one?  Why that person?  How long did that crush last?

Now I ask you, do you have a crush today?  Is it someone on your social media?  Someone you personally know?  Does that person know you have a crush on them?  Why or why not?

Yes, I have a crush right now.  No, I won’t tell you his name.  No, he doesn’t know.  Or at least I don’t think he does.  I made my best friend promise not to tell EVER. LOL  Well, I may have given it away now since I know he does take the time to read a number of my posts.  This is the only adult crush I’ve had in a long time, and I must say I’ve crushed him for a while.  From day one actually.  As of yet, he as yet to disappoint. When I see him, I do have to force myself not to get all googly moogly.  Must hide those feelings. No I don’t get all giggly like a lil’ school girl.  I just be looking, thinking, mentally seducing and writing about him.  As a writer, anyone is likely to be in a book.  Could be poetry or a short story, you never know.  How you act will depend on how you’re portrayed in either one.   So, yes, he’s in a book or two.  Don’t think he knows that either.  So we are good for now.  Too bad we stay so far apart.  I know for a lot of people it shouldn’t matter.  Most of the time it wouldn’t matter for me either.  This time though, it does matter.  Matters big time.  Matters in ways I’m not ready to discuss because he’ll know it’s him if he doesn’t already.  Sure this sounds petty, or high schoolish.  I don’t really care.  I know where I currently stand, what the deal is.  Now what the future will hold, no one knows.  In the mean time, I just keep doing what I do. Handling my business and continue being a friend.  Yes, we are friends.  Close friends, no, but good friends.

Having a crush isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s when you allow it to take over your thinking and your daily activities.  It’s a problem when you start to stalk that person.  Doesn’t matter if you’re stalking them online through social media or in person, it’s still a no go.  If they let you know they are not interested, then keep it moving.  I do believe that in due time he will know, but he should know, eventually.  In the mean time.  It’s hush hush.

I’m still a bit old fashion in a number of ways.  I refuse to chase a guy.  Nope, I won’t do it.  If he is interested then I’m going to need him to make the first move.  However, make the move right.  You come at me talking sex, you’ll get nixed right away.  If it was just sex I wanted, I could get that from the next guy.  It’s not hard to get good sex.  Pull out my little black book.  LOL Now I know ya’ll remember those little black books.  I mean, real, little black books.  You know the days before we had cell phones that stored everything for us.  Yes, those black books!

To me, having a crush or crushes is a part of growing up.  As we get older we know how to deal with those crushes.  Or at least we should know how to.

Do you have a crush?  Do they know it?  How do you deal with YOUR crush?

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