Vacation Alone Or With Friends? Which Friends?

Have you ever went on a trip somewhere but hated that you went because of the people you went with? I think we all felt that way at some point.

I’m here to tell you, you can’t go everywhere with anyone. I can tell you that from experience. While I know it’s not always all about me, I know how to compromise. I love to travel, love to sight see and do new things. When I want to site see, I go with friends that want to do that too. If I want to party, I go with friends that like to party. Want to go on an writer’s retreat? I don’t take my party friends. I take other writers. Maybe you want to hit hiking trails. You don’t take friends that want mostly pamper sessions.

There is no set rules about who to take and where. I love my girls. We can go most places together because we have the same thought processes or enjoy doing a lot of the same things. However, they are not the ones I take on writing retreats or photography trips. Now if it includes readers, then that changes things.

One thing I’ve learned through all the trips I’ve taken is it’s awesome until it isn’t. I’ve been pretty fortunate for the most part because I’m so picky about who I travel with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few hours up the road, or out the country. One thing that I cherish the most about my friends, we don’t have to do EVERYTHING together when we go on vacations and trips. I for one value a lil’ me time. Yes, on my girls trip, I had some planned ‘me’ time and one unplanned ‘me’ time. That’s something that they understand about me. If you are like that be wise about your companions. We don’t mind traveling alone, but prefer not to most of the time.

No matter what you decide to do, you must know YOU and your friends. One thing about myself, I’m a very introvert person. I don’t mind talking to most people, but I find it hard to initiate a conversation with strangers. Being a business owner has helped with that somewhat, but it’s still a work in progress. Because of that, I know certain trips may not be best suited for me to take alone. One the other hand, some trips would be perfect for me to take alone. Most of my trips are taken with the girls, or my crew. “The Crew” is what people call us when they see us together because we’ve been friends for so long. I take trips with family, but those are typically different in nature. I’m single right now, so some trips would more and likely be different if was dating. So it all depends on where you’re going and what you want to do. I want you to have a grand time when you take your next trip, just ensure you enjoy it with the right people. Family, friends, or alone, the choice is yours. Just have fun!!!!!!!!

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