Red Lobster (Business Review)

Red Lobster (13th St, Columbus, GA)

I normally go here to this location. Almost always have good service. So when others recently complained, I brushed it off to the waiter/waitress having a bad day.

My mom and I went Sunday for the All you can eat shrimp. Or rather I did. It was not even that crowded when we got there so I didn’t see the problem. Let mere start of saying the food itself was delicious.

First it took forever just to get the drink order. When we did order our food, my mom asked for extra peppers. They only bought out four biscuits, which was okay because we don’t want them cold. Needless to say when my mom got got her food without the extra peppers, the waitress says that is extra. Boo, we know normal from extra. Five peppers on that order is below normal. Still we never got the peppers.

The biscuits were gone. We asked for more, which i NEVER had to do. Her reply? “They’re cooking.” 30 minutes later still no biscuits. Oh they’re still cooking.

Now, this isn’t my first time doing the All you can eat shrimp. So I know how this goes. Never have I had took WAIT to order my next one. As soon as the plate is bought out, the next one put in. She acted like that was such a problem. By then I was just ready to go. Was going to even order dessert, but didn’t feel the urge to waste my time.

My mom being the nice one still left her a tip. Me, my tip would be show better customer service. I was wanting the waitress the served the table behind us because she was engaging at all her tables. Yes I pay attention. The most interaction, other than ordering our food, was when I mentioned all the color pens she had. How sad. How disappointing.


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